Music Box: Love is All Around

It’s been a drizzly, sleepy day today. The perfect day for curling up on a chair, listening to bad music, and crocheting, which is exactly what I did this afternoon.

After a lovely lunch with two of my favourite girls, Wabi and Rendez, I made myself a pot of tea, and crocheted to the sound of Wet Wet Wet classics like this one:

It brings me such delight to imagine my future chicldren’s disgust at my music collection.


Resolute: March Recap

Resolute - Mar recap image

March has disappeared in a blur, and April is already well advanced. I can’t believe how fast this year is going! In fact, I spent a whole lot of March bemoaning how fast life is going in general, and wishing it would slow down a bit so I can catch up.

March wasn’t all about generalised wonderings, though. I also managed to tick off both of my March resolutions at the start of the month and squeeze in part of an extra one, all while still working on all the others. Go me!

So here’s where it’s at:

Remember Shrove Tuesday
Okay, so technically I forgot Shrove Tuesday, but I don’t think we should get hung up on technicalities. I ended up making brunch pancakes the following morning, which I decided still counted, because it was still Tuesday on the other side of the world. I’m more of a crepe fan, so these babies were a more of ‘pancrepe’.



They were especially delicious with the fresh blueberries in them, and natural yoghurt and maple syrup I covered them in. Definitely a make-again dish. My bad photography doesn’t do them justice.

Take More Photos
Speaking of photos, my other March resolution was to get snap happy. Totally aced this one. My phone’s camera folder is jam packed with shots of everything from my lunch at a local cafe:

Lunch at Vintage Latte, in Toowoomba. May have found a new fave cafe.

Lunch at Vintage Latte, in Toowoomba. May have found a new fave cafe.

to snaps of a friend’s wedding:


And, of course, way too many photos of the most handsome nephew in the world:

I mean, how cute is this?!

I mean, how cute is this?!

It’s amazing how easy it is to take photos of babies—they’re so beautiful, even an amateur like me can amazing shots. I think perhaps this has moved from a resolution to an addiction.

Try Ten New Foods
This wasn’t even a March resolution, I just had a moment of insane braveness. We went out for lunch, and my uncle ordered brains. Now, I’m all about trying new things, but offal is one of those things that honestly makes my stomach churn and my head spin. Yech! Or so I thought.

Sitting next to my uncle, I had a pretty good view of the crumbed lamb’s grey matter, smothered in rich gravy. Suddenly they didn’t seem so bad, and the gravy certainly look amazing. Then I surprised myself…I asked if I could try some.

Guess what? Turns out I don’t mind brains. I mean, I’ll probably never order them myself, and I certainly wouldn’t cook them. But, if they were put in front of me, I now know I could not just eat them, but actually enjoy them.

So hurrah for trying new things! One down, ten to go.

The Other Stuff
As the year goes by there is going to be a lot of updating of past ongoing resolutions, so I figure there’s really only need to update on the ones I’m actually succeeding with at the moment.

Financially, I’m not really any more stable, and I may not be in the near future. However, I have made a decision that will hopefully guarantee me a happy mix of financial stability and job satisfaction. Watch this space for more info in the coming days.

I’m also making in-roads on the whole not sweating small things/being kinder/being more thankful. Things aren’t all rainbows and lollipops, but I’m making the best of them, and trying to acknowledge the parts those around me play in making things better. I’m lucky. I may not have millions of dollars, or look like a movie star, but I do have great friends and family who make me laugh and provide plenty of good moments.

Speaking of good, one thing I’ve totally got down is the eating a good breakfast resolution. Hurrah for success! And also for my egg-poaching skills—I’d totally rock a Master Chef poaching skills challenge.

Stay tuned tomorrow for April’s Resolutions!


A Sizeable Concern

I’ve been AWOL for a while, trying to sort through a few things, but this is a post I have to write. In fact, this is a post that has been a long time coming.

Australian Fashion Week kicked off a few days ago, immediately sending the media into a frenzy, but not over the fashions. Models at fashion legend, Carla Zampatti’s runway show appeared visibly underweight and very unhealthy, including former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Cassi Van Den Dungen. Many of the same models then lined up for Alex Perry’s show.

Former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Cassi Van Den Dungen for Alex Perry. Pic via

Now, I have a number of naturally very slim friends who have faced criticism over their weight, so I’m not about to attack skinny women, but there are extreme differences between being naturally thin and healthy, and being forcefully underweight and unhealthy. These girls have sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, and a sallow, drawn look, even with all their make-up. They look tired, and not at all healthy.

So, my question is, what the hell fashion industry? I get many of these models have just returned from the catwalks of Paris, where they are expected to adhere to French standards of fashion. I get that clothes hang better on women who are on the smaller side of the scale. And I totally get that the better the clothes look, the more people are going to like them. The problem is, it’s hard to pay attention to the clothes when the models are so glaringly unwell. Not to mention the fact that the clothes are wearing the girls, rather than the girls wearing them.

This problem of size goes well beyond the runway. Sizing and fit of clothes has become almost as random and unpredictable as the weather, with even my thinner friends complaining that they are now forced to try on everything, where once they used to simply grab their usual size. I am hardly on the smaller end of the scale at the moment, so I struggle whenever I go shopping, but it’s ridiculous that my wardrobe currently contains sizes fourteen through twenty-two. It makes zero sense that even in the same brand I can be three different sizes, and that’s if I can even find my size, because it seems many companies haven’t figured out that the average Australian is a size sixteen.

And this isn’t just a problem in clothing. My mother bought a pattern the other day, assuming it would be plenty big enough, as she’s a pretty standard size fourteen and the pattern included a size range including a size twenty. However, on measuring herself against the pattern, it turned out that she was equivalent to a size twenty-eight. Twenty-eight! That’s seven sizes larger!

What the hell fashion industry?!

Come on guys! Can we go back to the days of Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford, when models were fit and sexy, rather than skeletal and wan? Is it really so hard to make the samples a couple inches larger? Why are we allowing this dangerous culture of super-skinny to be okay, just because it’s accepted elsewhere? If Australia can be responsible for making the mini-skirt trendy, why can’t we be the leaders in creating a more standardised, women-friendly industry? Right now, it seems like the fashion industry is ignoring the needs of the many, for the delight of the few. In fact, maybe that has something to do with why so many of Australia’s high fashion brands are going under. After all, if women don’t feel good in something, they’re hardly going to want to buy it—and no girl feels good buying a larger size.

What do you think? Is the fashion industry not listening to the needs of its consumers?