Birthdays and New Beginnings

Clemence Poesy via MagXone

Have you ever noticed how, as you get older, all your birthdays meld into one seemingly bland, unmemorable affair? There’s work, commitments, and a million-billion other things going on the same day your life-o-meter ticks through another full circuit.

Today I turned twenty-eight. A very insignificant birthday. And what better way to celebrate an unsignificant day than by going about your day in typical fashion. I’ve spent all day tapping away at budgets and marketing guff, booking balloons, and creating a photo-journal for my brother’s 30th (a not-so-insifnificant day). But I did want to do something to acknowledge the small hurrah that is another year older…

So here I am, sharing my birthday with my blog. It’s certainly far from pretty, not yet feeling like home,  and I have no idea exactly what direction my little slice of the web-pie will take. But I’m here, and I’m hoping to stay for a while.

Old friends, I am back. New friends, I can’t wait to meet you!

I hope by our next birthday, this very new space feels as comefortable and worn-in as a favourite blanket. It will me my blog’s first – a very auspicious day.


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