Pretty Little Thing

I moved home this year in an effort to save money while starting a small business. For the most part this was an easy transition—my mother and I are great friends, and my father and I have mellowed in our ongoing wars. My sixteen-year-old cousin also lives here while finishing school near-by and, because we’re more like sisters, we keep each other occupied. I’m also lucky enough that two of my best gals, Wabi and Rendez, live locally and I’ve been able to reconnect with a number of other pals.

Having had a pretty miserable year in 2011, I was also greatly looking forward to the TLC and home comforts that being with your family provides. There’s no tip-toeing around grumpy house-mates, or avoiding confrontation when someone is keeping you up again with their overly-loud chatter at midnight. And there’s the comfort of my fluffy love, Bonnie the dog, to mend my battered soul—something I’ve missed desperately living so far away.

While most things have been nothing but cherries and sunshine, there was always going to be a few problems readjusting, not least of which was the extreme lack of space. My parent’s place is in a lovely neighbourhood and has a spacious backyard, perfect for us ex-country bumpkins. However, the house itself is severely lacking in space. Originally built by newlyweds, the house wasn’t built with a big budget or a family in mind, leaving very little space for four adults to cohabit comfortably. Especially four adults with far too much stuff.

This lack of space means that I work, sleep and play in my bedroom—a room barely large enough for my queen-sized bed and small bookcase, let alone a desk. Instead I tap away on documents and client projects from my bed, which is extremely comfy (and warm as the weather cools down), but not so conducive to hard-core business productivity. In fact, it’s seriously starting to cramp my career-woman style.

So, spurred on by my mother’s suggestion I look at alternative office solutions, I’ve been doing a little bit of caravan-perving, with the goal of finding something I can place in the backyard. I’ve always had a bit of a love for little old vans, and have dreamt of my very own cubby-van. I can just see myself unlocking the door every morning and spending the day inside this little sweetie:

SnailTrail's Little Pip, via Allison Bozeman's Pinterest

And I know I’d be excited to get up every day if it meant going to work here:

Trelise Cooper's Retro Van for Breast Cancer Research, via Kimberly's Pinterest

Even paperwork would be bearable surrounded by bunting and cushions, and I’d have plenty of room for clients to come visit:

From Before, After and Everything in Between

I’ve been searching ebay and crunching the numbers, and I think that by mid-year my business will have a brand new home. It may not be as pretty as these ladies to start with, but with a bit of TLC and some time, I’m sure I can make it just as cute.


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