My Endless Love: Encouragement

There are very few things in this world that all human beings share. There are even fewer that can cross boundaries simply and profoundly. The very best of these things are often actions or behaviours, my favourites of which are  joy, respect, love and gratitude. But there is one more that, above even love, can mean so very much, especially on those days when things just seem impossible. Encouragement. We all have days when we need it, and it often doesn’t matter where it comes from or who offers it. The simple act acknowledgement and support can often be the difference between giving up in anguish and disgust, or pushing on to the end.

Being a wordaphile, I often look for encouragement in quotes or quips – by my favourite authors, or simply offered in passing from a friend or relative. Fitting with the redhead stereotype, I can tend to get overly frustrated very quickly, especially when overtired. I try to combat my temper with the now-famous

Keep Calm and Carry on

Poster from Barter Books.

Such simple words, but with such great meaning – offering solace and support in a moment. I love it, and I love that so many other people love it. I’m not one to support popular culture, but when it picks up something so perfectly resonant, what’s a girl to do, right?

Ever wonder where those words came from? This will clear it up for you and maybe, as with me, make you even more warm and fuzzy at the thought of them.


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