My Endless Love: LRB

So I need to start by apologising for the endless tumble of shoe posts that are bound to feature on this blog. Those who know me (well, or not so) know I have a profound addiction to footwear. An addiction that at one time saw my shoe city—known to most as a wardrobe—reach the high eighties. Yes, that’s right, I had more than eighty pairs of shoes, and you know what, I still couldn’t find a pair to wear on some occasions.  So my commiserations in advance for having to listen to my endless shoe dribbles—I truly am addicted.

I’ve been putting this post off for a few days now, partially because I’ve been kept busy with work, but also because I haven’t wanted to admit to myself the sad truth of the matter: my little red boots are dying! That’s what the LRB stands for, in case you were wondering. And yes, these ladies do deserve acronym status at the same level as the classic LBD, because boots really are the classic shoe. Winter or summer, a cute bootie funks up a daggy dress, or dresses up the hastily-grabbed denims. Long or short, the humble boot immediately signals style and cred—even the flat variety can work magic, often in ways a heel could never. Which is why, for the last few years, my pretty red puppies have been my go-to winter wear.

These babies were an almost-no at a market stall. My pal KAOS tried them and was horrified to discover they were too big, but urged me to try them instead. I wasn’t immediately taken by them, but at $6, and fitting me like Cinderella’s glass slipper, I figured they were worth a purchase. Since then I’ve resoled them twice, re-healed them four times, and almost scrubbed them through in some places trying to get pub-floor stains off them. They are my everything shoe because they go with 99.9% of my wardrobe—no kidding! Not to mention they’re so warm and comfy it’s like wearing a pair of slippers around all day.

But, alas! They are on their last legs. The inside is wearing thin and the zippers are getting worn…and they’re in need of yet another re-sole. As much as I love their shabby charm, it’s about time they were retired in favour of some fresh boot friends. So I’ve been searching for the perfect pair, but finding red ankle boots isn’t as easy as you’d think. Here’s my finalists…and a few others just because:

  1. D.Co Copenhagen Cone Heeled Lace-Up Ankle Boot in Petrol, via asos
  2. Rocket in Red Suede, via Shoebox
  3. Base Slouchy Round Toe Bootie in red, via urbanog
  4. Kerry Cuff Ruched Ankle Bootie in gray, via urbanog
  5. Vickie Slouchy Round Toe Ankle Bootie in red, via urbanog
  6. Qupid Salya Jewel Satin No Lace Oxford Flat in blush, via urbanog
  7. Breckelle Sandy Lace Up Oxford Flat in aqua, via urbanog

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