My Endless Love: Zari



This is Zari. My brother’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, and easily one of the most beautiful creatures ever to walk this earth.

Inside and out, Zari was loveliness personified. I say was because this morning she went to heaven. She has been sick for well over a year, with endless visits to the vet turning up nothing, save a penchant for Milk Arrowroot biscuits. This morning she was scheduled for another visit—more blood tests and prodding to find a solution—but when my brother went to get her she’d, once again, thrown up her breakfast and was unable to stand. He called us at 10:15 to tell us Zari had been put to sleep.

My mother—unwaveringly terrified of dogs generally—has been sobbing all morning, utterly broken at the loss of the one dog she’d go out of her way to visit. I feel….lost. Wandering around the house without much purpose, and breaking into whimpers at the sight of pegs (her favourite chew-toys).

A lot of drama for a dog, some would think, but She was so much more than an animal—she really was a member of the family. Even as a puppy she was immediately more than just a pet. She was so clever you’d swear she could speak, and her face when she was sad was heartbreaking. When she sneezed her mouth would contort into a giant grin. And when she wagged her tail with joy, her whole rump would dance!

Goodbye miss Zari-Lou, we miss you already.