Spectacular Specs

I am absolutely desperate for a pair of Holloways:

Franki: from $297.00 (AU)
“Through cabin windows sunset rays stream, the rainforest set amongst a purple haze, inspire distinguished thoughts to flow freely. The lavish Ladies bath under falling water while the geometric gentlemen philosophize aside cigars and spiced rum.”

I love everything about these fantastic frames. I love that they are stylish, of course, but also that they are ethically and sustainably produced from repurposed wood and old skate decks. Oh, and they’re handmade in Brisbane, so I get to support a local artisan at the same time!

I also love their website because, while not the easiest to navigate, the descriptions of the glasses and the ethos behind the business has a natural rhythm.But then, these dudes have the support of Luka Lesson, so I’d expect nothing less than cool lines and exceptional ambitions.

 From the site:

 “This is not just a means to create a profitable product but educate, inspire and drive humans to respect their planet and co-exist sustainably.”

I would love the pair above for glasses (which I actually do need an new pair of…), and these for sunglasses:

Sea Driftwood Julias: $247.00 (AU)
“She speaks and he listens. Her eyes wholly framed enhance words of poetic wisdom, this Pretty Woman and Earthly Gentleman. They emerge from lost oceans, drifting through life effortlessly”

School Narcs: Normally $247.00 (AU), but sold out at the moment
“Rich sepia circa 1950’s lines present pocket prominence in his classic 3 piece or her holiday resort playsuit. Palm trees and pina coladas make good company in Narcs.”

But, alas, I cannot afford one pair, so three is definitely out of the question.


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