The Happiest of Accidents

So, I know I’m probably waaay behind the eight-ball on this, but I’m going to post it anyway, because I’m sure there’s someone out there yet to discover Lil Bub. Who’s Lil Bub, you ask…

This is Lil Bub:

Cute, right? I think she’s adorable, and a mighty cool cat to boot.

Bub is a Rescue Cat, adopted by her person, Mike Bridavsky. But she’s also an extremely special cat—‘the number one living creature on the planet’ according to Mike—because Bub is all sorts of unique. Here’s why:

–          She was born the runt of her little to a regular stray

–          She is what’s known as a ‘perma-kitten’ meaning she’ll always be petite

–           She has dwarfism which has given her disproportionately short, stumpy legs with an overly long body

–          Her teeth never grew, and she has a shorter lower jaw compared to her upper jaw, accounting for her constantly lolling tongue

–          Each paw is blessed with an extra toe, the front ones of which resemble opposable thumbs (this is known as polydactylism)

She also has huge bulging eyes, but these beauties should never count as ‘deformities’, because they are so full of awe and sparkle.

Her dude, as Mike calls himself on the Lil Bub blog, is quick to assure people  Bub was in no way bred specifically with any of these special characteristics (yes, people actually do that), but is simply a ‘happy accident’. And it seems the rest of the world agrees whole-heartedly, with Bub’s Youtube videos attracting hundreds-of-thousands of views.

I’m gushing. But seriously. Love the Bub. And her dude as well, for making these:

Classic Women’s Bub T: $19.99 (US)

Of which I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy one, because I. Can’t. Resist! And because a percentage of the profits from all Bub merchandise goes to helping other Rescue Animals just like Bub.

What a pair of heroes!


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