Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.1: Maiocchi

My brother is getting married in November. He’s having a wedding in a little chapel overlooking the Sunshine Coast hinterland, followed by a reception at the same venue. It won’t be an overly fancy affair—relaxed cocktail, I guess you’d call it. But his friends are all quite wealthy, and he often feels the need to impress. This means my regular, op-shopped, vintage glam will not do, especially being the sister of the groom.

I’ve been agonising for months over what I could possibly wear. I still want to be myself and be comfortable, but I also want to ‘look the part’, especially as I’m already going to stand out on the day as the weird sister. No, seriously, black sheep, adopted child, odd-one-out right here.

I’ve been surveying my options, but with no luck—I just can’t make a decision! So, I figured I’d make a regular thing of displaying the contenders from some of my favourite stores. This way, maybe you can help me pick a winner, and I can share with you some fabulous new places to spend all your spare time and money. That is, assuming at least someone out there is as addicted to online shopping as I am. So, without further ado:

Store: Maiocchi

Store Locations: Three Stores in Brisbane, QLD (Brisbane City, Fortitude Valley, and Paddington) or shop online.

International Shipping: YES! NZ from $25, everywhere else from $40 (AU). see here for more.

Best Bits: All their pieces are made with high quality fabrics and last really well, the staff are always super friendly and obliging, and they also sell an excellent range of shoes and very covet-able accessories.

Left to Right (all prices in Australian Dollars):


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