Van-tastic: An Introduction of Sorts

Having recently started my own business, and also moved home to save money for said business, I have need for an office…and personal space in general. The solution, as you may have read, was to be a caravan. So, I’ve spent the past few months scanning every backyard and roadside, regularly checking ebay, and generally obsessing over everything caravan. And then…

…And then, driving past a yard we drive past nearly every day, my mother spied a shabby old van with no wheels, shattered windows, and a broken door. Like the desperate woman I was, I screeched to a halt, strode to the door, and…politely asked the old gentleman in the bedraggled old house if he was planning to use the dilapidated van anytime soon. And if not, could I possibly purchase it from him?


To buying the van that is. So I did. And I brought her home (illegally), after a dramatic battle with finding the correct tyres to fit the chassis. You wanna see her?

Isn’t she cute?

She’s not much to look at yet, and her insides are just as shabby as her outsides:

But she’s getting there. A few more weekends of love and care, and I’m sure she’ll make a fine office. And a pretty neat craft-space-cum-spare room, just like this one.

By the way, her name is Calliope – a Greek muse. I’m hoping she can be mine too.


3 thoughts on “Van-tastic: An Introduction of Sorts

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