My Endless Love: The Big L

So, technically this isn’t something that I love, but rather something that represents love – with a capital L.

I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic. As much as you have to work at relationships, and as hard as they can be at times, I truly believe that love really is the most incredible, magical, wonderful thing we get to experience in our relatively short lives. And I think, if you try hard enough, outside of an abusive or seriously volatile relationship, love endures. Always. Without exception. Eternally.

I guess that’s why I am happy to wait for it, because I know it’s absolutely worth it in the end. For me, this song by Mark Schultz is exactly what love is—a lifelong adventure with that one person who ‘gets’ you so completely that even those things unspoken are written clear across your face to them.

I love seeing old couples holding hands, or dancing, or even giving each other a cheeky kiss—it’s proof that ‘forever’ really is possible. And that’s pretty wonderful, if you ask me.

From here

Do you believe in ever after?



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