Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol 2: Rare Indeed

Okay, so I know Friday is supposed to be about all things wedding at the moment, buuuut…I’m going to need some cute jewellery to wear at this shindig aren’t I? The answer should be a resounding YES!

I came across Rare Indeed’s Etsy shop earlier this week when I couldn’t sleep, and immediately threw it in my favourites file so I could blog about it today. Tiffany’s earrings and necklaces are so cute and fun that I really struggled to narrow down my favourites. It was very much a case of “BUY ALL THE CUTENESS!”. Yes, it was necessary to put that whole sentence in caps, because I did yell that sentence in my head on the fateful night of discovery.

So, with pain in my heart at limitations, my top four:

Store: Rare Indeed

Store Locations: Online, via Etsy

International Shipping: YES! Australia $2/50, everywhere else $3.80 (AU). See items for more.

Best Bits: All items are made to order, so you know your piece is made with love. Tiffany is a Brisbane girl, so for me it means shopping locally. And, most importantly, CUTE STUFF—all other arguments are now invalid.

(All items made to order and priced in Aussie dollars)

  1. “How Strange it is” Banner Necklace: $25.37
  2. “Little Envelope” Stud Earrings: $7.80
  3. “Wayfarer Glasses” Stud Earrings: $7.80
  4. “Bunting” Colourful Hand-drawn Necklace: $25.37

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