Collaborative Creativity

Here’s something cool:

Okay, so I may have found this while googling Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I genuinely love this concept. Basically, you create something, throw it up for all RECorders to see, and they can pull it town and tweak it to make it even better. They can also just comment and tell you how awesome they think you are.

This is a brilliant concept for any creative, I think. Three of my favourite girls (including Wabi and Rendez) meet up every Tuesday afternoon for tea and a chat. This doesn’t seem like much work, but it’s a time when we often spend bouncing ideas off each other, or coming up with grand schemes. Even if they only get as far as that particular conversation, many of the ideas raised may inspire a better idea, or the resurrection of a concept that had been shelved.

While hitRECord isn’t so much a conversation space, it isn’t too dissimilar to an online sounding board—allowing creatives to bounce unfinished projects off like-minded individuals, and providing opportunities to collaborate with people you’d otherwise not work with, or perhaps even meet. What’s also great is that half the funds from any commercially-viable product produced via hitRECord is split between all artists involve in that particular collaboration—the other half goes into producing more great works.

So how’s Gordon-Levitt fit into all this? It’s kinda his baby. Starting with a very basic concept back in 2005, RegularJOE  as he’s know, slowly grew from his own online space, to a collaborative community producing works worthy of feature at the Sundance Film festival.  But don’t take my word for it, check out this vid from 2007 and let Joseph Gordon-Levitt convince you, then go check hitRECord out for yourself.


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