My Endless Love: Land Down Under Screen Stunners

Yesterday I had a girl’s day out with my mother, Rendez, and her mother. We had brunch and went to the movies and all had a lovely morning. We went and saw this:

Just to give you a bit of the back-story (save you a trip to wiki) The Sapphires is a movie version of the play by the same name, written by Tony Briggs. Briggs’ inspiration for the play, his mum, Laurel Robinson, and Aunt, Lois Peeler, really did entertain the troops in Saigon. They would have also faced similar repugnant nastiness from the local white population as is shown in the movie.

The movie was excellent, and had us all in tears and laughter—and often tears from laughter—at various points. And it reminded me just how talented and exceptional Australia is when it comes to making movies. So, I figured, tonight I’d introduce you all to some of the best Australian movies. That way, you can head down to your local DVD store, or to your favourite download site, if you so choose, and check out a few great Aussie flicks.

Now, of course there’s Moulin Rouge, Australia, and Happy Feet­—all Australian Productions.  A few you may have heard of—Candy, Muriel’s Wedding, Strictly Ballroom, and Crocodile Dundee. And then there’s some incredible political and crime films—Animal Kingdom, Chopper, Rabbit Proof Fence, and Oranges and Sunshine. Of course, you can’t go past a good Aussie historical drama like The Man from Snowy River.

But here’s the three you absolutely must see, if only because you can watch them over and over again and still find a reason to hit play just one more time:

Ah, The Castle. I’m pretty sure this movie is loosely based on my family. Let’s see…brother reads the trading post, father has definitely uttered the words “it’s what you did with ‘em” in relation to rissoles (and has no idea why I laugh every time he says it), and, well…it’s just the vibe of the thing really.

Gallipoli, apart from being one of Mel Gibson’s best ever acting roles, is incredible. As a film. As a story. As a documentary. I can’t lie, I cry every time I watch it.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert is easily, without any doubt in my mind, my very favourite Aussie movie. Perhaps my all-time favourite movie, ever.  It’s witty, intelligent, slightly political, irreverent, dramatic, and even packed with a bit of action. Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving at their best. Probably not too safe for the kids though–there’s a ping-pong ball moment that…well, it’s better if you just trust me on this one. My only regret is that I’ve yet to see the stage production. Crossing my fingers it tours again soon.

So there’s my round-up.

And here’s one for the future. Rendez and I will be going to see it with our mums, and hopefully a few other ladies.


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