Thematic: A Tribute to Green

Pablo Calderon de la Barca

I love most colours—even amongst those I dislike I can find a shade or two to make me gush. But, without a doubt, my favourite of all the colours is green. Forrest, lime, apple, emerald, khaki, or moss—name a shade of green, and I’ll argue its beauty and perfection.

So what better way to start my Thursday feature—Thematic—than with an ode to the best of all the colours. I agree with Pablo, green is the world’s prime colour, particularly nature’s, and is one of the loveliest choices when it comes to theming anything. An outfit with a lovely green bangle, like this one from Eternal Ephemera’s Etsy (1), instantly screams spring. And these cheeky Louboutin’s, aptly named Rosazissimo (2), would make any bride feel just a little bit spunky.

Speaking of weddings, what would the reception be without gorgeous décor? A scattering of vintage green vases (these from Our modern History’s (3) and Three Tangerines’ (4) Etsy) filled with pops of white or pink for a relaxed garden party. You could create a gorgeous living chandelier, like the ones on Style Me Pretty (5), for a whimsical romantic gathering. Maybe you’re into something more modern…how about a cool Grass Ottoman (6), like this one from Inhabit? All suitably stylish ways to create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

Oh, and the table! I love tablescapes. I found this green-inspired cake table on Sally Dugas’ Pinterest (7). And I think this gorgeous sweets spread via All in the Invite (8) would look great with some of these sweet cakepops (9) on it. If you want some for yourself, check out The Sweet Source’s Etsy store. Speaking of Etsy and tables, buying a vintage typewriter (this cutie’s from Artma Vitage (10)) makes a really cool guestbook—simply fit it with a ribbon and give your guests some fun paper to tap away on.

Paper. Paper equals invites, right? Well it does to me. Kick off the green theme right at the start with green save the dates and invites, like these lovely chevron green ones from C3L Designs (11). If you’re after a neat idea for a baby shower, these scratch-offs from Inklings Paperie (12) are as cool as they come, and this baby carriage centrepiece/gift bag from Rainbow Showers (13) is delightful. If you’re clever enough, you could make a stack of these cute ribbon birds I found via BilVil (14) and use then as decorations on gifts.

One last thing. Themes don’t always have to be just for an event or a room. How about a theme for your life? I’ve decided this is mine:

Letterpress Print in Yellow Green by Heart Fish Press


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