My Endless Love: An Ode to Wabi

Last week I took a short hiatus from Heidielka—I’ve been having a bad month and could feel it seeping slowly into my writing, so I took a step back. To be honest, I was ready to get back into it by Thursday, but I’d given myself a week, so I took it.

I don’t think I would have been calmed so quickly if it weren’t for the kind words and encouragement from my friends, particularly Wabi.

This is Wabi and I back in 2009, frantically cooking up a retro-food feast for her baby sister’s birthday.

Cooking up a storm with Wabi

That day we baked and cooked, piped and rolled until we had produced enough cheese-balls and devilled eggs to feed a house-full of hippies and beatniks. We moved around the miniscule kitchen without stepping on each other, and naturally took charge of the tasks each excelled at the most. But we also talked and laughed until our bellies ached.

We’d cooked with each other before that day—having lived together for almost two years—and have cooked together many more times since. We’ve also laughed until our sides were splitting and tears were streaming down our faces. But most importantly, well before that day, and many, many times since, we’ve talked constantly, and about everything.

We’ve had the typical conversations twenty-something women have—about guys, beauty, and our careers—but more recently, we’ve talked often about things most young people don’t tend to spend a lot of time on—our health…or lack there-of.

Having been troubled by an unusual list of symptoms for the last few years, I’ve traipsed from doctor to doctor with no answer in sight. I’ve had endless blood tests and scans, and taken everything from simple paracetamol to the more serious SNRIs. Throughout all the testing, doctor’s visits, and dead-ends, Wabi has been there as a sounding board, and a constant support. Whenever doubt has crept in, whenever I’ve felt like giving in, she’s offered an ear, a tissue, and a supportive smile.

Fortunately, Friday a piece of the puzzle finally fit—I have gallstones! While this is hardly the answer to everything, it’s something. The first person I contacted was Wabi.

I’m sharing this not because I want sympathy, or because I want the world to know my problems, but because I don’t think we appreciate the people in our lives enough. They say friends are the family you can choose. This is more than true with my friends—they are my sisters, my support crew, and my confidants. So, I wanted to celebrate them here, because I do want the world to know how fantastic they are—starting with Wabi.

Outside of being my very own cheerleader, she is also one of my idols, and easily one of the strongest people I know. She battles every day with two forms of autoimmune disease, is working hard to establish her own business, and will go out of her way to help anyone with anything (and usually do it with a smile). She’s also a great road-trip companion, incredible writer, and easily one of the most stylish people I know.

Above all, she’s one of a very select group of people I never have to be anyone else but my crazy self around. And, let’s face it aren’t we all looking for friends who will accept our own special kind of crazy?


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