Mister Nice Guy

I love food. If you know me, this really isn’t much of a secret—it’s on my mind pretty much 24/7. I love cooking it, reading about it, and eating it. And I’m especially fond of sweet things, like cupcakes.

I’m also a keen supporter of food open and available to everyone. For many this is medically important—people with wheat, gluten, and dairy intolerences, etc.—but for others it is simply an ethical decision which happens to go hand-in-hand with their beliefs, religious or otherwise. Many of my friends have specific intolerances or special food requirements, so I’m always on the hunt for great recipes to make myself, or new places to visit that cater for these needs. Of these, the hardest to find is often Vegan-friendly providors, so when I find a great place, I have to share.

Enter Mister Nice Guy. A cupcakery in Melbourne, run by husband-and-wife team Lucas Cook and Deb Kantor, these dudes bake (daily) a range of kosher, organic, vegan cupcakes that can also be made gluten-free on request. So that’s the trifecta, with extra benefits!

If their awesomeness in catering for differing special food needs wasn’t enough, Mister Nice Guy also has a range of flavours than make my mouth water with anticipation. I want to try them all, but my top three would easily be these guys:

Okay, so I couldn’t quite narrow it down to three. But how cute are the images of each of the yummy flavours! The graphic throughout the site are brilliant, and their range is fantastic. Even the pricing is pretty darn good–$4 for a cupcake, and only $2 for mini ones! Their cakes range in price from $29 for a 7inch, single-layer cake, with options of double layers, gluten free, and other extras for a minimal extra charge.

I want one now but, alas, I don’t live in Melbourne. Instead, I urge all you Melbournians to head there, try them for me, and report back while I try to concoct a believable reason to travel to Melbourne for business.


5 thoughts on “Mister Nice Guy

  1. Oh! I love their cupcakes :)! I went to an eco fair in Melbourne at the start of the year and bought cupcakes from their stall… just wish they operated here too 😉 I am going to set myself a vegan baking week challenge soon.

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