Thematic: Black and White

One of my best friends got engaged earlier in the year, and asked me to plan her wedding. I was incredibly honoured, and super excited, not least because it was to be an elegant black and white affair. Sadly, the groom-to-be turned out to be an uber-jerk and my pal was smart enough to run for the hills. BUT…at least this means when she find Mr Perfect—who I’m sure is just around the corner—she’ll already have a head-start on planning!

I’m into thorough research whenever I undertake any project, so I have black and white theming ideas scattered everywhere. From dresses and décor, to cake and bonbonniere’s, I’m pretty sure I could create a billion different story-boards, but here’s just a few of the most fantastic ideas I’ve found.

For the Bride

A dress fit for a princess—every girl’s dream, right? Of course! But that doesn’t have to mean bouffant shoulders and meringue skirts. Tea length-frocks are perfect for the bride who knows she’ll be on the dance floor all night, and a pretty touch of black lace or ribbon is sweet and elegant. Traditionally a bride wears virginal white, but there’s really no rule saying you can’t wear all black, with maybe a sneaky hint of white petticoat. Throw on a pair of black heels and you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty and never being able to wear them again.

(Clockwise from left)
Dress 9482 by Casar Elegance
Gown from Christian Siriano Fall 2012 Collection
Valentino Stiletto via Tim Smith’s Pinterest
“Erudito” from Rosa Clara’s 2011 Colleciton (via Belle the Magazine)
Flowers and Décor

I love colour, but there’s something just that little more regal about white flowers. Anemones, with their black centres and delicately ruffles white petals, are perfect for a black and white them. White roses, tulips, or carnations are also gorgeous and, wrapped in black ribbon, look both sophisticated and feminine.

Black vases filled with simplified versions of the bouquet link the theme from the ceremony to the reception. Or find a pretty candle holder (like the one below) to add soft lighting—float loose flower buds in the rounded cups to add a delicate touch, or fill with mints for a freshness-hit pre-dance floor. And what’s will the obsession with white linens? Search your local haberdashery for some black and white fabric and throw together your own personal tablecloths or runners—stripes look great on long tables, and chevrons are huge right now.

(Clockwise from left)
Anemone Bouquets via Dannie DeBruins Pinterest
White Carnation Bouquet with Pleated Stem Wrap from Martha Stewart Weddings
Cups Centrepiece Tealight Holder from Crate and Barrel


(Fabrics all Via L-R)
Premier Prints Small Classic Diamond (Black/White)
Riley Blake Chevron Medium (Black)
Premier Prints Canopy Stripe (Black)


The cake! So many times I’ve had friends go to weddings and talk more about the cake than the bride—it was amazing, it was dry, it was hideous. I’m not going to lie, I scrutinise the cake too but, in my defence, I have mentioned I’m obsessed with cake only this week. But seriously, there are so many great cake artists out there, and you can do so much with cake. Maybe you want a special cake just for the groom, something dapper and stylish. And you don’t have to just settle for cake—everyone’s been doing the cupcake towers, but I’ve also seen some pretty awesome donut cakes, cheese-wheel cakes, and the good old croquembouche. While these don’t always come in black and white, macarons come in any colour you like, look pretty darn sexy, and are a gluten free alternative.

Then there’s bonbonnieres, or favours. Sure, you can do the Jordan almonds, or chocolate hearts, but do you really want to be that boring? Why not iced cookies or lollypops in black and white, or a black and white candy station where guests create their own? This dessert station from Hostess With the Mostest is just divine, and would look just as lovely replaced with dark chocolate buttons, mints, black cats, and other candies.

(Clockwise from left)
Macaron Tower created by Cake Opera Co. (look for a blog dedicated to them in the near future!)
Groom’s Cake created by The Cake Parlour
Black Lace Cookies found on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle
Black Cherry 2-Ounce Swirl Pops from Candy Warehouse

I’m all about the little touches as well. A special thank-you in the program to someone who’s often overlooked but means a lot, a candle for someone dearly loved who has passed, or simply a salute to a shared inside joke hidden throughout the décor. Often these small moments are the ones that remain years later—even if it’s something as simple as dapper digits:

After all, is there ever going to be a day when people stare at your hands more than your wedding day?


2 thoughts on “Thematic: Black and White

    • Hi Jan,
      I have yet to try this bouquet, but I’d probably recommend a stiffer material, just to make it a bit easier to form the pleats. Good luck with the wedding! If you send me some pics afterwards, I’d love to feature it on Heidielka!

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