Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.4: Witchery

For most Aussie gals Witchery isn’t exactly a brilliant find on my part—there’s stores everywhere, and deservedly so—but I reckon they’re pretty brilliant, and we should share them with more people than just New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore. I also, happened to wander through the local store today and find a striped blazer that was just gorgeous, and actually fit me well—something that never happens to me, due to my ex-swimmer’s shoulders (round and huge).

I used to work in the Brisbane City’s David Jones on one of the lesser concession stands, which just happened to be right near Witchery and Country Road (my other fave!). I’d spend slow days wandering through their stands, dreaming of all the pretty things I couldn’t afford. The Witchery girls weren’t the most charming, but were incredibly entertaining with their catty whinging behind each other’s backs, and they’d always give us a few extra dollars off on top of staff discount. I’m pretty sure this is where my love affair with the brand started.

Here’s a peek at some of the new season delights:

Store: Witchery

Store Locations: Throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore, & online

International Shipping: YES! Australia: $9.95, Asia/Pacific: $19.95, International: $29.95.

Best Bits: Their styles and cuts suit all different shapes and sizes (even weird ones like me). The quality of fabrics has remained great, and is reasonably inexpensive in comparison to others of similar quality. Great range of classic cuts and basic tees that don’t cling, or stretch in the wash.

(All priced in Aussie Dollars)

  1. Silk Blend Stripe Pant (75% Cotton, 25% Silk): $129.95
  2. Maxi Beach Kaftan (100% Viscose): $169.95
  3. Spot & Stripe Scarf: $49.95
  4. Hardware Maxi Dress (100% Silk w/nylon and metal neck trim): $199.95
  5. Pixie Boot (Nubuck Leather upper): $199.95
  6. Paris Hardcase Clutch (100% Resin Outer): $79.95

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