My Endless Love: Pen to Paper

So it turns out that the blerghiness (yes, I’m making up words now) that I was feeling late last month hasn’t quite dissipated completely, hence the absence of posts. I’m going to try to do better this week, because I actually do enjoy blogging—it’s a cathartic activity, but one which, like exercise,  can sometimes seem a lot more painful beforehand than it actually is.

Which brings me to this week’s endless love—writing.

Having spent close to eight years studying at a tertiary level, along with the regular twelve years of primary and secondary education, I’m thoroughly sick of writing research papers and hypothetical reports. I’m also desperate to never have to write another cold-call marketing email again. In fact, the last few months of creating and implementing a marketing system for a client has made me realise I don’t actually like marketing at all.

But writing silly or interesting stories, penning thoughtful prose, and scribbling or tip-tapping letters and emails to friends always gives me great joy. I love writing. The slow spread of words across the screen gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and sometimes the word-vomit that occurs when I pick up a pen is such a relief I actually feel like I can breathe better.

I’ve always written. As a kid I remember writing mini-stories instead of drawing pictures, or simply scribbling random words just to write something. Throughout high school I penned a reasonable collection of (very bad) stories and poems. I still dabble in story-writing, although it’s usually nothing more than a page or two that never gets any further. Now, I blog.

While some of my posts might me fairly word-short, for every post published there are at least three unfinished, jumble-worded diatribes just waiting for re-drafting. They are works-in-progress, many which will never see daylight, but which still served a purpose—they were a release.

Feelings, thoughts, ideas, or simply just words—each and every thing I have written has been a joy. Writing is my therapy. It’s my happy. Along with craft, it’s a chance to express myself. It is an unbounded pleasure that I could never give up.

So, I’m here to stay, even if I do disappear from time to time…


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