Brilliance Captured

So this guy followed me yesterday and, eternally grateful to anyone willing to read the guff I write, I decided to check him out.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Patrick Latter is a photographic genius, and a super amazing adventurer to boot. The shots on Canadian Hiking Photography are mostly of nature and his pals—who look like a seriously cool bunch of people—but don’t let that dissuade you if you’re not a nature-lover. Every shot is incredible, and most so perfect that I can almost feel the chill off the snow, or smell the earthy freshness of moss around me.

All the photos are available for purchase and, I think, are great value for such artistry. This one I want to blow up and turn into one of those old-school scenic wallpapers for my future office:

Chester Lake Snowshoe Trail – Patrick Latter


So you get it—I’m enraptured. I’ll stop gushing. But take a look, and check out his website, Patrick Latter Photography, for even more brilliant work.


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