Thematic: Vodka Style

I don’t have a lot of friends. This isn’t a bad thing. When I was at high school (many moons ago now) I came to the realisation that having a whole army of friends didn’t really matter if that army wasn’t at your back when you needed it. Since then, I’ve chosen to spend more time working on building a few great relationships, instead of a whole collection of mediocre ones.

The friends I have are a unique bunch. When we are together we are stupid, noisy, crazy people who giggle and talk far too much about far too many questionable topics. But we enjoy ourselves and, most importantly, enjoy each other. And I feel at home with them.

While I feel this hominess with all my friends, there is one in particular who has made this wonderful point really obvious. Miss Vodka and I lost contact a few weeks after school finished—a bad Schoolie’s celebration caused a stupid rift, and we stopped talking for about six years. Then Facebook came along and we became one of the thousands of old school chums to ‘friend’ each other. Except, unlike so many of the reconnections from high school, the simple act of ‘friend’ing each other became the moment that re-established one of my most cherished friendships.

You know those friends who just get you—the ones you can go weeks without talking to and it feels like only moments have passed? Those six years seem like seconds  between us. Sure, the initial catch-up was slightly weird at first, but within literally minutes it was as if we were back there, sharing an after-school coffee and hamming it up. Even now, four years since we reconnected, I sometimes sit in awe at the ease at which we have slipped back into such comfortableness.

Last week was Miss Vodka’s Birthday. We spent it eating and chatting, and causing our usual chaos at a local restaurant, before moving to a near-by café to continue the madness. I’d had a bad week, and almost cancelled because I felt so miserable, even getting there became an epic adventure. But the moment I sat down with my girls I was glad I was there, celebrating such an awesome person’s Birthday.

This week’s Thematic is dedicated belatedly to miss Vodka—a collection of things she would love, and I would have loved to get her for her birthday.

Vodka style

  1. Bistro Francais Mixing Bowl Set from Williams Sonoma
  2. Audrey pillow from Petit Coterie
  3. Macarons image courtesy of Cheryl H’s Pinterest
  4. Coffee Pyjamas from the Café Press Gilmore Girls Collection
  5. Don’t Cross Me Out vinyl record bangle made by Vinyl Cuts


Happy Birthday Miss Vodka, I’m so very lucky and glad to call you my pal once again.


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