Dress me Up, Take me Out. Vol.5: Paul & Joe

How tough is it being a chick sometimes, especially when it comes to dressing up? Seriously guys, you have it so easy. Throw on a suit and tie, slip on some slick shoes, and brush your hair—done. Girls on the other hand, we have a list that requires military precision to pull off! Let’s see, there’s:

  •           Outfit
  •           Underwear
  •           Shoes
  •           Hair
  •           Make-up
  •           Nails
  •           Waxing/shaving
  •           Tanning
  •           Jewellery
  •           Bag

Still wondering why it can take us hours to get ready boys?

As intense as the process can be, I think most girls enjoy a chance to get all dolled up. I do—especially when I have a pretty (preferably new) outfit and really great beauty products at my disposal.

Having sensitive skin, I’m pretty stuck with the brands and types of make-up I can use, but I’m always on the look-out for new products to test out.  I’ve used mostly what I could afford, which usually means cheap-as-possible basics—classic shades that work day to night, for work and play. BORING! I still can’t afford much better, but I like looking, and often find great gifts for friends and family.

Paul & Joe is my latest find. I’ve yet to try any of their products, but the eye shadow and nail polish shades are divine, and the packaging has me absolutely drooling. I don’t wear lipstick much, but I’m thinking I might start just so I have an excuse to pull out one of Paul & Joe’s sweet limited edition lipstick cases.

Store: Paul & Joe

Store Locations: Throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US, & online through various distributors.

International Shipping: YES! Most online retailers selling Paul & Joe will ship internationally, however shipping costs and procedures vary. Check sites for details.

Best Bits: The packaging is as pretty as the product, allowing you to touch up your lippie all chic-like. The colours are elegant and fun, so you can be girly without looking tacky. Once you’ve got your casings, many of the products can be purchased as refills for fewer dollars, leaving just enough to buy both those eyes shadows you can’t decide between!

(All items in US Dollars via Beauty Habit)

  1. Limited Edition Colour Powder in Empire State (3g): ON SALE! $16.80
  2. Limited Edition Shimmering Body Lotion (200ml): $40.00
  3. Self Select Eye Colour in Chestnut (1.1g): $18.00
  4. Nail Enamel in (L-R) Teacup, Jazz, Coquette (10ml): $14.00
  5. Limited Edition Cat Collection Lipstick in Sex Kitten (2.8g): $27.59 VIA ASOS
  6. Moisturising Facial Mask (79ml): $38.00
  7. Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Fairie Kisses—clear gloss, green apple flavoured (6g): $22.00
  8. Eye Colour in Baby Duck (2.7g): ON SALE! $16.00
  9. Limited Edition Lipstick Case style P001: $5.00

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