Thematic: Rainbow Kids

I love kid’s parties. Not only are they a bunch of fun, you get to play games and eat loads of kid-style junk food. And they create such incredible memories for kids—I still remember my sixth birthday vividly!

The hardest part of a kids party, especially with so many character-themed options based on TV shows, is creating a party that is both fun and affordable. In essence, as much as your daughter might love Dora, or you may have a real-life Bob the Builder, the most important thing is that the party is fun. As long as you have the fun down-pat, your little tyke (and all the other sugar-filled tots) will eventually forgive you for the lack of commercial characters.

Easy-peasy, fun birthday theme for kids of any age—COLOUR—and lots of it! You can choose your children’s favourite colour, the colour of their favourite character, or even just a random selection—just make sure it’s bright. And if you’re having trouble deciding, don’t. Choose all the colours and have a rainbow-themed extravaganza!

The great thing about going rainbow is that it’s super easy and quick to create a festive, fun atmosphere, starting with the invites. These ones, from 3 Tots Designs (1) not only look modern and cool with the chevron trim, but also allow you to really make the birthday girl or boy the star.

3 Tot Designs Rainbow Invitiation

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitation from 3 Tot Designs

Once you’ve sent the invites out, the next challenge is food. But guess what? Everything can be made rainbow! First there’s the boring, healthy stuff, like these totally un-boring fruit kebabs (2), or why not make some cool fruit juice icy treats (3). Moving on to the sugar overload and I can guarantee even the adults will be reaching for one of these awesome mini piñata cookies (4), and probably even some rainbow slushie (5).

Thematic kids rainbow food

2. Rainbow Fruit Kebabs via Jennifer Colton’s Pinterest
3. Rainbow Popsicles via Cutest Food
4. Pinata Sugar Cookies via She Know’s
5. Rainbow Slush via Ramblings from the Sunshine State

Cake-wise there’s about a billion options, but I’m all for the big reveal of this neat rainbow layer cake (6). You can leave it plain or decorate it with rainbow treats if you’re keen to keep with the theme.

Rainbow birthday cake - babyology

6. Rainbow Birthday Cake via Babyology

Speaking of theme, keep it going with rainbow activities. Set up a cupcake station with rainbow-coloured frosting (7) and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes—they’ll have a blast! If the party is over the school holidays, get your hands on some non-permanent coloured hair spray-paint and let them rainbow-up themselves (8), but be sure to get parent’s permission and remind the kids to bring an old shirt. For the littlies, rainbow-hued play-dough is a guaranteed success. Check out this recipe made with jello (9). Or simply print out a bunch of rainbow colouring pages and get creative with paints, pencils, collage materials, and crayons.

7. Rainbow-coloured frosting via Art, Tips and Thoughts
8. Rainbow Fade Hair via Hair Colors Ideas
9. Jello Play Dough via Playdough Recipe

Once all the fun is had, send each guest home with a rainbow-inspired thank you, filled with a giant lollipop (10) or one of these cool toffee apples (11), and some rainbow stationery fun (12).

10. XL Rainbow Swirl Lollipops (4.5″) from Candy Swirls UK
11. Rainbow toffee apples via Carrie Dickerson’s Pinterest
12. Rainbow Crayons (30 x 2.5′) from Kaboodle

Don’t forget to sneak a toffee apple for yourself either—remember, half the fun is reliving your own youth!


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