Dress me Up, Take me out. Vol.6: Rokit

I’m a vintage addict. My friends can attest to this, as can most people that have known me more the five minutes. Take me to an op shop or vintage store, and you will inevitably hear “oooh, look at this!” and “how cool is that!” leave my lips far too many times. Buy me vintage and you win my heart.

While vintage in every form woos me, due to my limited living space I  try to avoid buying vintage hoemwares (with little success). Vintage clothes, on the other hand, are always never off limits.

The past few years have seen a huge resurgence in the love of vintage wear, thanks to big-name celebrities donning old-school gowns and gear. This bums me out (see, I even talk like a relic), because it means that the stuff I once snapped up for a few bucks now requires a savings plan. Thanks a lot Sienna Miller! That being said, it’s not impossible to find places that still sell reasonably-priced, high-quality vintage, both locally and online.

Rokit is a reasonably new find for me, but I’m already mildly obsessed. The site is broken down into a great range of categories, and includes an excellent sizing chart to help make sure your measurements match theirs. Each item is described well and, while the images are limited to a few per item, they are clear and well-sized.

The clothing itself is a brilliant mix of vintage from various eras, with some great designer pieces jumbled in with regular vintage items. The prices, while hardly bargain-basement, are generally much cheaper than other online vintage stores, and seem to match with the quality and likely popularity of each item.

Here’s a few of Rokit’s items I’ve been ogling lately:

Store: Rokit—True Vintage Clothing

Store Locations: Various London localities, and Online

International Shipping: YES! Shipping costs vary, see delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Excellent easy-to-use sizing charts. Great range of styles from various eras, excellent size range, and well thought-out categorising. Price options for Pounds, US Dollars and Euro, with price given both with and without VAT.

(Clockwise from top left. All in US Dollars)

–       Dark Green Leaf Print Dress (100% polyester): $53.92

–       Black and White Circle print Dress (100% polyester): $53.92

–       Colourful Houndstooth Print Pencil Skirt (cotton/rayon blend): $38.51

–       Navy Marching Band Themed Skirt (wool): $46.21


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