Games of Old

I’m indulging in a bit of nostalgia tonight, playing this:

Alley Cat – old school gaming

Alley Cat was one of my favourite computer games as a kid. I’d play it constantly, and always get annoyed at the stupid cat for falling of the clothesline (there’s no way it was my fault).

I tracked it down this afternoon, as a treat for finally finishing my tax, and discovered I really suck at it now. But I still love it.

What was your favourite computer game as a kid?


The Not-so-Miserable

There is such an amazing selection of films due for release in the coming months, many of which I’ve been waiting desperately for, but none more so than this one:

All my favourite people know how much I adore a good musical, so it’s not a huge leap to assume that the film release of Les Misérables has got me hanging out for Boxing Day. Normally I’m disappointed by the film adaptation of musical theatre—because the music is recorded separately, it loses the element of realness and true emotion that comes with genuine, live theatre. There can be inconsistencies between the emotions portrayed in visual image as opposed to the pre-recorded audio track, which lets down pivotal scenes immensely.

With Les Misérables director, Tom Hooper (lauded for the King’s Speech), has done away with the pre-recorded audio and, in an ingenious move, has the cast singing live whilst completing the scenes. Brilliant! This can only improve the immense emotion and passion the actors give to their roles, as everything is 100% unhindered by the disjunction of the two key elements. Check out this little featurette for a bit more about this outstanding directorial choice:

While I’m gushing, the cast! It’s enough to throw together the sheer brilliance that is Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, but to then add Helena Bonham Carter, Amanda Seyfried, and Eddie Redmayne—magic. Every one of these actors has talent for acting and singing out the wazoo, so there would really be no need to prop them up with even more awesome. But Mr. Hooper has, throwing in Russell Crowe and Sacha Baron Cohen for good measure. As Borat would say, wawaweewa!

Only sixty-two more sleeps!

My Endless Love: Finding Relief

I’ve been absent for two weeks. I wasn’t planning to be gone so long, it just sort of happened. And I’ve been feeling really guilty, because my lack of blogging has become part of a long list of insufficiencies in my life over the past few weeks—not enough money, not enough work on my business, nowhere near looking after myself properly.

Not that all this started two weeks ago—I’ve been short on funds for some time, scraping by each week by paying only the bills that absolutely need to be paid.

I’ve also not been respecting my body so much. Being generally unwell for such a long time—over two years—with no end in sight, I gave up on eating right and exercising late last year. My body responded by slowly falling apart even more—go figure!—to the point where, two weeks ago, I woke up unable to physically move or stay away for more than minutes at a time. I panicked. But then I went to the doctor and she reminded me that I’d had a pretty major organ removed recently, so I probably should feel drained after a ten hour day of moving furniture and boxes. Duh!

So that leaves not enough work on my little business endeavour. I’ve done next to nothing on writing copy, working on marketing, or creating administration templates and procedures in the past month. I’ve also recently put a hold on all work with my only client. I’ve essentially gone backwards. In fact, I’ve decided to take the next couple of months away from the business, and work as a checkout chick at the local corner store-cum-supermarket to squirrel away some cash.

Cut to feeling like a complete and utter failure at both business and life.

But then, tonight, I stumbled across this little gem from Laura Simms at Create as Folk:

All of a sudden the burdens have lifted a little, and I don’t feel quite so much like the kid at the back of the class eating paste. Laura’s right—entrepreneurship doesn’t usually result in magically going from start-up to billion-dollar-corporation. And there’s no need to compare my business journey to anyone else’s, because there’s nothing similar about it. If all my peers are doing the same as me then I should give up now, because I’m banking on success through providing a unique product!

Most of all, Laura’s last line, “Your path is beautiful and crooked and just as it should be”, really struck home—for both my business and personal life, and reminded me that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

So many times the good develops directly from the bad. Of course, this has a lot do to with the right decisions, hard work, and patience, but it’s also because that’s how it’s meant to be. Life happens the way it should, and we merely tweak the direction we take by choosing one path instead of another—neither right nor wrong, both just different, but equally wonderful.

Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol 8.: Disability vs Fashion Empowerment

This week’s fashion fix is a little different, because I wanted to highlight something I believe strongly: difference doesn’t have to mean disability.

This TED talk by Aimee Mullins is the perfect example of this, not to mention it had me welling up with excitement and joy with her by the end.

Thematic: Ombre Breakfast

I love coming up with fun ideas for party decor and theming. Most of my ideas are triggered by something I’ve seen, or created through a need to keep things inexpensive, but I also draw a tonne of inspiration from the copious amount of blog porn I drool over daily.

One of my favourite ever themes is this one, created by Melody Brandon from My Sweet & Saucy. I love it, not just because it’s an ombre surf theme, but because it’s a breakfast event!

We so often schedule parties for the latter part of the day, leaving breakfast to languish in the realm of the forgotten. But breakfast lends itself so well to a party atmospehere (once everyone’s coffeed-up, of course), because of the range of food and drinks on offer, much of which is reasonably healthy. This is especially great for anyone on a diet, as they’re not stuck eating a boring salad while everyone else chows down on hamburgers and fried treats.

Breakfast parties are perfect for kids. Having a morning event allows them to burn off any consumed sugar throughout the afternoon, so you’re not dealing with an over-tired sugar monster at bedtime. It’s also great for the host—lunch and dinner events mean you lose the whole day, but a breakfast celebration can be finished and cleaned up by midday, giving you the afternoon to recover. Most importantly, when else but breakfast can you wander around a party eating a bowl of cereal before knocking back a chocolate milk shot?

All photos by Ashley Rose (the birthday boy’s talented mamma)