Good Greetings

I stumbled across Able & Game thanks to the very discerning Wabi. She’d discovered a local store which I’d always walked past but never entered—such a bad decision! More about the store in a later post, today I want to tell you all about these brilliant greeting cards.

Able & Game are Melbournians who make an incredible range of greeting cards, note and gift cards, and tea towels with a quirky, fun edge. Their range includes everything from the standard birthday and engagement cards, to the more obscure (but equally valid) apology for alco-ranting.

Able & Game: Sorry About the Alco-rant

The messages on the cards are playful and a little ironic, and the images are beautifully drawn depictions of friendly-looking folk.

Able & Game: Jealous it’s Your Birthday

There is a great collection of Melbourne/Brisbane train station-related cards, which play on the station names, like this one:

Able & Game: Epping Amazing

Each of these also has a little explanation of the station’s history and location, for non-locals, which I really love.

There’s such a great range—seriously, I had to narrow down from thirty images to write this post—and the price is on par with what you’d pay for a nice greeting card in a store. Plus, they’re available on Etsy, so if you’re not from Aussie-land you can still buy up big!

I’ve decided that this is my absolute favourite:

Able & Game: Are You a Super Hero

Now, someone hurry up and have a baby so I have an excuse to buy it!


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