Thematic: Hearts

I used to think hearts were really naff, and a bit tacky. I’m still not fond of a lot of them—there’s still a cheap-n-nasty factor in a lot of the heart-themed stuff out there—but I think they also have the ability to be quaint, pretty, and even sophisticated.

They can make a cute accessory to your wedding-day (or every-day) attire:

1. Men’s Boutonniere via Alison Conklin Photography; 2. Heart Elbow Patches DIYed by Honestly…WTF; 3. DIY Screenprint Heart from Calico Skies; 4. Crochet Love My Heart Coin Purse from Studio Won Jun.

They make a nice change to the typical huge diamond. I think if my love proposed with one of these hearts, I’d say YES immediately:

5. Rose Gold Heart Ring by Cat Bird; 6. Mobious Ring by metaphys.

Hearts have always had a affinity with foods, and why not—both are sweet, after all.

7. “I Love You More Than…”Cookies via Yuriko Fukuda’s Pinterest; 8. Ispahan Macarons via Mad Baker; 9. Heart Balloon Topper from Hello Naomi’s Flickr.

I have to end with these brilliant nails, because they have a sophisticated edge to them with just the right amount of cute.

Stripes and Hearts Nails by Daily Something

Do you heart Hearts?


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