Dress Me Up, Take Me out. Vol.7: Dear Gladys

Have you met Gladys? Let me introduce you:

Dear Gladys could be your favourite aunt, a kind grandmother or charming neighbour. Gladys welcomes you into her home which smells of freshly baked scones and tea. Gladys is always a lady of style and good taste.

She values the personal touch of hand picked flowers, a beautifully penned letter and a conversation with an old or new friend.

Dear Gladys is a Melbourne-based boutique vintage store, selling clothing, accessories, and homewares. It is also a not for profit social enterprise, creating revenue to support Fitted for Work—an organisation which focuses on provided appropriate and well-fitted clothing for women experiencing disadvantage and looking for work.

Dear Gladys means that not only have they found a way to remain financially viable long-term, Fitted for Work staff can ensure their focus is clearly on the women they support.

Now, I’m all for vintage lovelies at the best of times, but vintage with heart—BEST THING EVER! Why? Apart from knowing my money is going to something really worthy, it means that I can be assured my purchase is both a socially and ethically responsible. And it eases the guilt of buying that extra item I just had to have.

Oh, and if you happen to live in Melbourne, head to the store on a Saturday for free cookies!

Store: Dear Gladys

Store Locations: Northcote in Melbourne, Australia, and Online

International Shipping: YES! Shipping costs vary, see delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Excellent sizing and garment care information. Gorgeous range of clothing and homewares, as well as a small collection of beauty products. Not-for-profit enterprise supporting Australian women, meaning your new pretty dress allows another gal to feel great too. FREE COOKIES on Saturdays—‘nuff said.

(Left to Right, all in Australian Dollars)

–       Enchanting Cinderella Dress: $249.00

–       Graphic Print Maxi Dress (polyester): $69.00

–       Mary Charmaine 50’s Day Dress (100% cotton): $189.00

–       Black Floral Kaftan (polyester): $65.00

–       Pretty Puppies Skirt: $49.00


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