My Endless Love: Small Joys

Choose Joy Sterling Silver Necklace with Bird by SoShe.

So much of the time we focus too strongly on the negative—people who’ve wronged us, things that haven’t gone our way, our current peeves. I definitely have a habit of seeing the glass have empty at times. To counter this, I make a concerted effort to try to find the good in things.

I’m a list writer. I love making lists…I’m not so great at crossing things off them, but that’s another story. I write lists about everything, even things that don’t really require a lists (ten things I miss from the eighties—pointless). A few years back I wrote the list below. I was having a really great day after a week of yuck, and decided to write a list of the little things that brought me joy.

Every now and then I pull this list out and read over it, often adjusting points here and there, or adding something more. It reminds me of the little joys in life, and the things often taken for granted when I’m not feeling so great.

  1. Writing neatly on a clean, white page in a new notebook.
  2. Sleeping on clean, crisp sheets in a perfectly made bed
  3. The smell of freshly washed, not-quite-dry hair
  4. The anticipation before the first bite of a long awaited sweet treat
  5. Choc-chip cookies just out of the oven
  6. The first smell of the sea air on the drive to the beach
  7. The first sight of the sea
  8. The incredible rush of a first kiss
  9. The smell of freshly mown grass just after rain
  10. The smell of rain in summer
  11. Electrical storms
  12. Swimming in the rain
  13. The numbing cool of the water when you first step into the sea
  14. Salt that stays on the lips hours after you’ve left the sea
  15. Cool water on sunburn
  16. The satisfied aching of muscles after exercise
  17. Waking to the smell of fresh-baked bread
  18. The smell of spring just around the corner
  19. The sound of a soft drink can opening
  20. Peeling an apple in one long curl
  21. The first mango of the season
  22. Peeling the paper seal off the butter
  23. The first spread of Vegemite from a new jar
  24. The flood of flavour from the gooey centre of a hard candy
  25. Brain-freeze from an especially good Slurpy
  26. Frozen poppers (juiceboxes) eaten with a teaspoon
  27. The frothy foam on a good hot chocolate
  28. The incredible high after finishing an exam or assignment
  29. A cool breeze in the hot summer sun
  30. A warm shower on a cold winter day
  31. The ‘ding-dong’ sound elevators make
  32. The pure love a pet greets you with at the end of the day
  33. A surprise free gift/drink/offer
  34. A smile from a stranger
  35. Cars that give way to you in traffic when they don’t have to
  36. Making it to the ferry/train/bus just in time
  37. Painted Nails
  38. Blissful calm after a great night sleep
  39. The smoothness and ease of a good ballpoint pen
  40. Receiving an unexpected/call/letter/email from an old friend
  41. White noise
  42. The electric excitement in the air on Christmas Eve
  43. Sharing something new and delicious with a friend
  44. Icy cold water on a hot day
  45. Going home
  46. The carefree bubble of children laughing
  47. Hugs from friends
  48. The brief waft of some else’s perfume as they walk past
  49. The thrill of the first wear/use of something new
  50. Looking forward to an approaching holiday/concert/special event
  51. Writing lists
  52. Cheese and crackers
  53. Unexpected gifts from friends
  54. Listening to an old song you haven’t heard in ages
  55. Snuggling under blankets on a cold day
  56. Lying in the sun reading a good book
  57. Laughing so much your belly hurts

What are your favourite small moments?


2 thoughts on “My Endless Love: Small Joys

  1. These are wonderful!

    I love just-out-of-the-shower freshness and the perfect cup of tea. Also, first kisses, wearing something new for the first time, and running my hands over books in bookshops. 🙂

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