Thematic: Ombre Breakfast

I love coming up with fun ideas for party decor and theming. Most of my ideas are triggered by something I’ve seen, or created through a need to keep things inexpensive, but I also draw a tonne of inspiration from the copious amount of blog porn I drool over daily.

One of my favourite ever themes is this one, created by Melody Brandon from My Sweet & Saucy. I love it, not just because it’s an ombre surf theme, but because it’s a breakfast event!

We so often schedule parties for the latter part of the day, leaving breakfast to languish in the realm of the forgotten. But breakfast lends itself so well to a party atmospehere (once everyone’s coffeed-up, of course), because of the range of food and drinks on offer, much of which is reasonably healthy. This is especially great for anyone on a diet, as they’re not stuck eating a boring salad while everyone else chows down on hamburgers and fried treats.

Breakfast parties are perfect for kids. Having a morning event allows them to burn off any consumed sugar throughout the afternoon, so you’re not dealing with an over-tired sugar monster at bedtime. It’s also great for the host—lunch and dinner events mean you lose the whole day, but a breakfast celebration can be finished and cleaned up by midday, giving you the afternoon to recover. Most importantly, when else but breakfast can you wander around a party eating a bowl of cereal before knocking back a chocolate milk shot?

All photos by Ashley Rose (the birthday boy’s talented mamma)


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