My Endless Love: Unexpected Little Somethings

Apologies for the lack of posts. I had every intention of blogging daily while away at my brother’s wedding (dedicated post to come), but by the end of each day I simply fell into bed, barely able to make sense of my pyjamas, let alone create coherent sentences.

On the way back from the wedding, I had lunch with KAO, and caught up with the trillion things I’ve missed having not seen her in over a month. Spending time with her would have been more than enough to make my day perfectly wonderful, but it was made even better by the little gift she’d carefully wrapped and ribboned for me.

It was this little darling:

Laser Cut Wooden Van Brooch by Sconnie and Jam

Isn’t she cute! KAO was aiming for a replical of Calliope and, while the colour is a bit off, the style of van is pretty close. I put it on straight away, smiling every time I glanced down and caught its jaunty little frame on my bust. The perfect unexpected gift for a van-crazy gal like moi.


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