My Endless Love: Furry Family

A couple days ago, I mentioned that I was puppy-sitting my brother, Koshy’s, four-legged babies while he’s away on his honeymoon. Tonight, I think it’s only fair to introduce them to you properly.

Here they are this afternoon while I was eating a very late lunch, desperately begging for their own piece of fruit. Yes, fruit, specifically rockmelon covered in Greek yoghurt—which Simba chased with a piece of plastic.

Simba and his Incredible Appetite are both just over a year old, and still very much just a giant puppy. He whines constantly for food, pats, attention…basically anything that means you will go outside so he can jump on you. He joined the family when he was a baby, as a little brother for the sadly-missed Zari, and instantly became Koshy’s shadow. He came along at a fortuitous time—right when Koshy was planning to propose, so Simba became the cutest ring bearer possible.

He’s still cute as pie, although also often thoroughly annoying. His big eyes are only outshone by his giant paws, and his bark is pretty darn scary when he catches sight of anything chase-able. I love that he’s so big and scary, I feel safe here alone at night, knowing most intruders would be immediately scared off by the sight or sound of him. But I also love that he’s really just a giant baby—he loves cuddles, chin scratches, and snuggling. And he was as inconsolable as us when his best friend, Zari, died.

We all missed Zari, and there was no question Simba needed a friend to keep him from destroying the yard. Luckily enough, just as Koshy and Katy were feeling ready to move on after Zari, their breeder called wanting a new home for one of her show dogs. Princess, Promise, Princess Promise—whatever name you choose—is possibly the only dog who could have equalled Zari in perfection.

Princess, being an ex-show dog, has perfect poise, is delightfully gentle, and the epitome of politeness. In short, she’s the exact opposite of Simba. She adores being petted, and loves to sniff your mouth—but doesn’t lick it. She’s terrified of storms, but is just as good a watchdog as Simba. And for all her poise and manners, she burps after every meal!

I adore them both so much, and they adore pretty much everyone. Especially each other—they sleep snuggled together on one bed, even though they both have their own. They greet me at the gate, and then run to the back door, every time I come home or wake up. And they hang out with me all day, even if the only reward is a pat and a handful of biscuits.

They are the perfect niece and nephew.


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