Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.11: Nikki Poulos

So, to state the obvious, I’m an Aussie, and proud to be so. As Aussies, we have some pretty awesome things going on—Tim Tams & Vegemite (YUM, right?), Cute marsupials (koalas and wombats), and absolutely the best beaches in the world—so we have every right to be proud. We’ve also produced some pretty amazing talent over the years, from film (Baz Luhrmann & Cate Blanchett) to Music (the Bee Gees) to inventors (the black box flight data recorder and box wine, or goon as we call it)!

But, what’s with the lack of support for our own Aussie folk? Our musicians and actors so often go international to make their name, and it seems to be the same with designers. Need proof? How about Nikki Poulos? She’s an Aussie. She’s even had a previous label (eco baby) in Australia. Now her self-named label—Nikki Poulos—is making waves, but not in Australia.

Nikki appeared on American reality show, Fashion Star in March this year, but she’s been around since 2008…in the US. Now, she may have been living in the US when she started this label, but what if her Eco Baby label had taken off in Oz? Maybe she’d have simply been able to extend to ladies clothing and produce the fantastic ladies wear she now does. And we Aussies will have known about her sooner.

So here’s my own little plug for a talented girl from Oz.

From classic blouses and pants to vintage-inspired maxi dresses, and stunning swimsuits, Nikki Poulos’ range is fun, modern, and simply delightful. Her range of colour means there’s something in the collections for even pasty misses—like me—and her styles are complimentary and made to show off your best bits perfectly.

My faves? I thought you’d never ask.

 Store: Nikki Poulos

Store Locations: Online at Nikki Poulous, as well as a bunch of US and international stores.

International Shipping: YES! The rates are available in your cart on payment.

Best Bits: Beautiful cuts and fabric designs, in a great range of colours. Great classic cuts, as well as some more fun, modern styles. Sizing that actually reflects real women—a large would actually fit a large, not a medium. Great names for each item, with a nostalgic twist to many (yes, this is important…to me anyways…).

(Clockwise from top left, all in US Dollars)

–       Goldie retro swimsuit: $165.00

–       Dahlia maxi (rayon spandex jersey): $175.00

–       Gardner slouch pant (poly jersey): $175.00 & Davis button detail blouse (poly jersey): $185.00

–       Paulina crochet short (100% cotton): $85.00


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