A Bit of Cheer

I’m back. Sorry, I kind of disappeared without reason this week. I teased you on Sunday with a promised post, and then left you hanging.

I’ve had a bit of a crummy week. Nothing serious, just my body and mind making me feel less than fantastic. Unfortunately though, when I feel like this writing is both the last thing I want to do and the absolute last thing I should do, because I become very cynical and mean-spirited. I don’t want this blog to be that kind of space. While I’m all for an edge of seriousness and truth, I want this to remain a space of growth and sharing, not languishing and wallowing.

So, in honour of my vision for this baby, and because it is now only 24 sleeps until the Big Day, I’m dedicating this month to all things Christmas. Each post this month will ring of something Christmas-y. Whether it be a guide to buying for those difficult friends or family, a fun recipe to try, or a tip to get you through the inevitable family chaos we all end up facing—this month is all about the holidays.

And what better way to start that than with one of my favourite holiday quotes? I found this tonight, and am dying to buy it for my pork-addict brother:

100% linen tea towel from Kookery who also do this, this, and this! (can you tell I'm in love)

100% linen tea towel from Kookery who also do this, this, and this! can you tell I’m in love?


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