Wrap Me Up, Give Me Out. Vol.1: The Stationery Room

This month I’m replacing my regular Dress Me Up with Wrap Me Up because, well, wrapping and ribbon is fun! And when do you wrap more gifts than at Christmas?

One of my favourite finds at the moment is The Stationery Room. Their Etsy stall is full to the brim with cut washi tape, ribbons, and stamps. The range of Christmas items is wonderful—both great looking and reasonably priced. I’m so in love, I’m a little bit afraid I’m going to impulse purchase one of everything.

Store: The Stationery Room

Store Locations: Online via their Etsy store.

International Shipping: YES! Flat rates start at $10.90 for 500g.

Best Bits: Beautiful designs and styles in a range of colours. Thorough descriptions and excellent images so you know exactly what you’re getting. Quality materials and great prices, as well as flat rate shipping. Based in Sydney, Australia, so if you’re an Aussie (and running late with your wrapping, like me) there’s still time to order before Christmas.

Wrap Me Up - The Stationery Room image

(Clockwise from top left, all in AU Dollars)

–       Kraft Paper Round Gift Tags: $4.00

–       Christmas Tree and Red White Stripe Washi Tape Duo: $6.50

–       Vintage “Handmade” Stamp Set: $6.00

–       Vintage Christmas Cotton Ribbon: $5.00


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