Dress Me up, Take Me Out. Vol. 12: What to get a Shoeaholic–Zomp

I’m a shoeaholic. Seriously, I once owned over eighty-five pairs of shoes—eighty of them purchased within an two year period. These days, my collection hovers around twenty pairs, just enough to be a pain in the butt when moving, not enough to ever have the right shoes for the right outfit.

Tonight I found my shoe heaven. It’s a store called Zomp in Brisbane City. Oh my! Italian leather, American retro, local ingénues—best­ mix of brands you could imagine. Of course, they’re not cheap—most of the full-priced line sits around the $AUD250 mark, but every shoes I tried on was made from the absolute best fabrics, and all were incredibly comfortable.

Now, having worked in retail for eons myself, I won’t recommend a place unless the stock is good and the staff are legendary. Good stock—check. Legendary staff? We walked in five minutes before closing time and they happily met our request to try on ten pairs of shoes each. They were friendly and chatty the whole time, and didn’t attempt to push a sale, but offered excellent service and honesty. So I’m totally recommending them.

If you’ve got a shoeaholic you need to buy for this Christmas, check this place out. And if you don’t, check it out anyway and buy yourself some pretties for Christmas. If anyone asks, tell them I told you to treat yourself.

Sorry boys, girls only.

Store: Zomp

Store Locations: Locations throughout Australia, and online.

International Shipping: Only Australia ($15) and New Zealand ($30) at this stage.

Best Bits: Great range of quality and luxury brands, with an excellent variety—you’re bound to find something to suit any girls taste. Friendly staff with great knowledge of product and genuine interest in both the customer and the shoes. While the full-priced lines aren’t cheap, their sale stock is usually drastically reduced—Italian leather sandals for $95? Yes please!

Dress Me Up - What to get a Shoeaholic image

(Left to Right, all in AU Dollars)

–       2 Baia Vista, “Helpful” Black/Yellow (Printed Pony Hair Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Synthetic Sole): $75.00—ON SALE!

–       2 Baia Vista “S-361” Tobacco (Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Leather Sole): $95.00—ONE SALE!

–       2 Baia Vista “17601” Green (Woven Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Leather Sole): $135.00

Manufacture Dessai “20053” Taupe (Suede & Leather Upper. Leather Lining. Synthetic Sole): $215.00


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