My Endless Love: Safety and Peace

Last night I didn’t post. I felt that wafting on about pretty wrapping paper, or expensive perfume seemed so much less important than the lives of the twenty-eight gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was also unsure if I wanted to mention the massacre, and what I would say if I did.

My heart is breaking for the parents of the children taken so young, the families of the teachers lost, and the father and brother of the man who committed such an unimaginable act. I can’t even imagine the devastation they must be feeling. There are also the children and teachers who, though lucky enough to survive, heard, and possibly saw, the tragedy unfold, and the emergency response teams charged with dealing with the aftermath.

While I’m hurting for them all, I’m also incredibly grateful. Grateful because I live in a country where such horrific events are so very, very rare. Grateful because, while the families of Sandy Hook were dealing with the aftermath, I was safe and comfortable, enjoying dinner with friends. Grateful because my family was also safe at home, reasonably healthy, and happy.

I’m lucky. All of us able to celebrate this season without dealing with the loss of loved ones are lucky. All who are lucky to celebrate without the threat of gunfire, rape, or death are lucky. So, tonight, this is my endless love:

That I am able to spend Christmas with those I love in peace, knowing we are safe and healthy.

For this I feel blessed. However, the gratitude I feel comes with the bittersweet knowledge that others aren’t so lucky. My prayers and thoughts are with those—both in Sandy Hook, and other parts of the world—suffering from the loss of a loved one, or dealing with fear of attack. Here’s hoping they can find some peace and joy with those who love them, even in the wake of such tragedy.


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