Thematic: Christmas the Other Way

So, it has to be said that this whole summer Christmas thing in Australia is pretty awesome. Christmas day I’m bound to be waking up to summer dress weather, sitting down to a long lunch of fresh seafood and zingy cocktails, and spending the afternoon engaged in a (slightly drunken) water fight. I can’t wait!

But there is a large part of me that longs for the ice and snow of the northern hemisphere—building snowmen, drinking eggnog, and cuddling up by the fire! I’m sure it’s not all as romantic and whimsical as that but, for a gal who has never even seen snow, it always seems a bit magical.

I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there who are wondering what the other side of the equator get up to over the Holiday season, and dream about celebrating it opposite-style—it’s why Christmas in July exists, right? So, for this week’s thematic, I figured I do a little bit of compare/contrast for us all. I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of the average Southern hemisphere Holiday shindig. The other half is a bit of guess-work, and a bit of dreaming on my part.

Thematic - Christmas the Other Way

  1. Aqua Brill Printed Asymmetric Cape Side Maxi Dress from Asos
  2. iPANEMA  Sandalia
  3. Christopher Fischer Owl Intarsia Cashmere Sweater from Nordstrom
  4. Keds Rain It In Boot from Mod Cloth
  5. Curtis Stone’s Mango Bellini
  6. Cargan’s Perry from The Cidery
  7. Brian Samuels’ Eggnog Recipe from The Boy’s Club
  8. Kitchen Confidante’s Mulled Wine
  9. Prawn Cocktails from Donna Hay
  10. Cake or Death’s Tropical Pavlova
  11. Roast turkey with burghul, preserved lemon and pine nut Stuffing from Gourmet Traveller
  12. Blackberry Cherry Cobbler Recipe from Confessions of a Foodie Bride
  13. Santorini Dreamer Bikini Set from Sunburn
  14. SPF 30+ Mineral Zinc Sunscreen from WOTNOT
  15. DIY Old Sweater Mittens from Heart 2 Home
  16. So How’s it Taste’s Gingerbreat marshmallows

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