Wrap Me Up, Give Me Out. Vol.2: DIY Washi

I love wrapping presents. There’s something incredibly cathartic about the whole process that seems to calm me. Every year I get given the job of wrapping the family Christmas gifts, and I take it willingly, even planning months in advance the colour theme, ribbon choice, and decoration styles I will use.

But, every year, I’m also frustrated and annoyed with the amount of left-over wrap. In an effort to prevent too much leftover wrap, I often buy too little and am forced to go get more for one or two gifts, ending up with an almost-full roll or two and no way of using them until next Christmas. But saving them for a whole year is fraught with dilemmas, namely where to store then so they are (a) not in the way, and (b) not destroyed come December.

This year I decided to do away with regular Christmas wrapping paper all together, opting instead for plain brown paper lifted from the pile we use at work for wrapping deli meats. I bought what amounted to about five kilos of butcher’s paper, which is a lot. Obviously I’m not going to use it all over Christmas, but I figured, being that it’s a blank canvas, I can store the paper and use it for all manner of presents and craft activities.

And speaking of crafty activities, I decided to get extra crafty with the decorations for the wrapped presents and make my own washi tape. Check it out!

2012-12-22 23.41.26

Both these pretties were decorated using a mixture of washi tape and fabric strips, cut from regular old material. The washi tape looks gorgeous, and was really easy to make—I threw together 20 gift tags and approximately 30meters of washi tape in a little over two hours.  All it took was some double-sided tape, strategically placed to make use of the patters on the fabric:

2012-12-22 16.29.55

And then a bit of patience to cut each one out carefully, so as not to damage the tape. The fabric has frayed a tiny bit on the edges, but before using each strip I give it a little tidy up. Besides, the raw edges add to the rustic charm of the brown paper.

The tags I made by tracing circles onto empty cereal boxes and then using more double-sided tape to attach fabric to each circle.

And the bows on this one are the washi tape folded and stuck together:

2012-12-22 23.41.32

The tape gives the bow stiffness so it doesn’t flop as much as ribbon, and because it’s stuck onto the gift with more double-sided tape there’s no messy tape marks all over the pretty wrapping!

If you’ve still got gifts to wrap, give the washi tape a go—it’s fun to work with, and looks fantastic!


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