What to Get the Tiny Ones

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I’d like to say I’m done, but I’ve still got just a few more things to get, which means braving the Christmas Eve crowds. It also means risking overspending on extra bits and pieces for those I’ve already proclaimed ‘done’—especially the copious amount of little people all of a sudden in my life.

I always struggle buying for little people. Not because I have no idea what to get, but because I just can’t seem to stop myself buying all the things. Unfortunately, I’ve spent my Tiny People Quota for the season but, if I hadn’t, here are a few things that would have been under my tree:

What to Get the Tiny Ones

  1. “My cute Auntie is Single” Infant bodysuit from Café Press
  2. Restoration Hardware Baby and Child’s Shaggy Plush Animal Rocker
  3. Alphabet Kingdom Animals pillow cover case from feb10design
  4. Navy Blue and White tutu from My Baby Rocks
  5. Black and Cream Skull Crib Shoes from My Baby Rocks
  6. Eco Organic Balloon bib from Corinne Citrolo
  7. The Land of Nod’s Elephant Nightlight

Oh, and for the mummy-to-be I’d totally buy this:

“Don’t Touch it” Maternity T-Shirt from Cafe Press


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