My Endless Love: Mix and Measure

I have to apologise once again—I promised a post in never delivered on. I haven’t been ignoring Heidielka as much as simply unable to get online.

Boxing Day morning found me in migraine central—a place I stayed until Friday, unable to conjugate sentences, let alone write a whole post. Over the weekend, I was simply enjoying the computer-free zone, and decided to start fresh with a new week, and a new endless love. In fact, it just so happens, it’s the post promised last Tuesday.

I’ve been a baker since I was a kid. Sunday afternoons, from as far back as I can remember, were spent in the kitchen mixing and measuring, spooning and shaping. And then waiting…waiting for that wonderful smell of fresh-baked somethings.  Moving out of home (and back, out again, and back again) hasn’t dampened my baking adventures either. On the contrary, living with an ex-chef, Wabi, and KAO over the years, has only increased my love of baking, oftentimes at ridiculous times of the night.

But there is something I love more than baking, and that’s baking for others. I love finding a recipe that I know a friend will love and being able to make it and give it to them. Maybe I picked it up from my mum, but I love feeding people, especially if it’s something “extra special nice”, as my nanna used to say.

So, whenever Christmas time comes around I get excited—what better time to bake like crazy than the season of eating, right? Which is exactly what I did this year. I made a bunch of things, both savoury and sweet, but there were a couple of recipes that I just have to share with you. Not only were they fun and easy to make, they tasted amazing, and looked pretty fantastic as well.

First up, the cute cupcake from last week. The little snowmen were a happy purchase back in November—I found them wandering the aisles at the local supermarket. The cupcakes themselves were my go-to vanilla cupcake recipe from the ever-fabulous Nigella Lawson. This recipe is just divine! I’ve been making these for the past five years (which adds up to a lot of cupcakes), and they always turn out perfect—light and fluffy, but with serious strength, which also makes them perfect for special additions like fruit or chocolate chips. The buttercream…I threw together with a random combo of butter, icing sugar and milk. I’m not so good at recipes for frosting.

Then there was cookies. Cranberry, white chocolate, & pistachio cookies to be exact. YUM! These babies were such a hit that the first batch disappeared without me getting a picture. No problem though, they were worth making again…and again…and again. I found the recipe in the Christmas issue of Donna Hay, and have slowly tweaked it so the cookies are a wee bit healthier. The below is my version, which got rave reviews from everyone who tried them, and were much less sickly-sweet.

Endless Love - Mix and Measure image 1

And lastly, five-star rocky road. I had a friend tell me, “I hate white chocolate, but that rocky road—best I’ve ever had”! ‘Nuff said. Oh, except to say that this baby is soooo easy to make—ten minutes, tops.

Endless Love - Mix and Measure image 2

Did you make any stand-out treats this Christmas?


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