Thematic: Colin Cowie’s Genius

I’m feeling tired and lazy tonight so, instead of using my own creative juices, I thought I’d show you some work from one of my style icons—Colin Cowie. Not only is Colin a good buddy of Oprah Winfrey, he’s simply a genius when it comes to gorgeous event styling. Don’t believe me? Check out this stunning Aspen Wedding.

Photo via Colin Cowie’s Signature Aspen Wedding image gallery.


Things Megan Morton Loves

I share a lot of things I love with all of you. In fact, this blog is pretty much dedicated to things I love. Tonight’s not too different—I’m still talking about something I love—but it’s also something that talks about someone else’s loves.

Confused?  Let me explain.

Sydney stylist, Megan Morton wrote a book. It’s called Things I Love.

Things I Love is available from Megan’s website for $AU49.00.

It’s about things she loves. I love it. I want it. Especially the fun postcards in the middle:

Things I Love tear-out postcards image courtesy of The Design Files.

Cool, right? But, I also want it so I can spend quiet moments flipping through the gorgeously presented pages of style info, interviews, ideas, and imagery. It would make the perfect coffee table book for any design office or artsy business, or perhaps just your average lounge room.

I desire it desperately. Anyone want to buy me a copy?

Ecstasies and Agonies

Last night Keith Urban made love to almost fifteen thousand people.

Keith rocking out. Taken from the Brisbane Times website.

Okay, so not literally—I’m not sure his wife (Nicole Kidman) would approve of that. Yet, had you been standing within earshot of the packed Brisbane Entertainment Centre, you could well have been mistaken for believing he had. The ultimate puppet-master, we were all at the mercy of his strings—guitar strings that is—and voice.

From the opening notes of his first song, through guest appearances by Darren Percival and four very lucky (two very drunk) audience members, to the final bows and waves, Keith and his band had us all enthralled. And very much in love. I was so enraptured I completely missed my favourite song, and still can’t remember my apparent joyous chorus of You’re my Better Half.

Being Australia Day, there was much revelry amongst the crowd, and Keith happily joined in, wishing everyone a happy “Straya Day!” and crooning Aussie classics, like I Still Call Australia Home. The epitome of the Aussie larrikin, he laughed with the crowd at the antics of the drunks, excitedly threw on a Caboolture State School jersey when one of the stage-treading audience members announced he was from Keith’s home suburb, and urged us to get up and dance on our seats.

He utilised as much of the venue as possible—performing from three separate stages, and even setting up a microphone in the middle of the cheaper seats, before handing one lucky (and very envied) lady one of his guitars! Just gave it away, ‘cause that’s how cool he is. He and his bands threw countless picks and two sets of drumsticks to the crowd and, at the end of the night, he tossed his sweatbands our way as well. I managed to walk away with a pick from my favourite member of his band—Danny Rader—thanks to Miss Vodka’s generosity.

Keith’s crooning of Tonight I  Wanna Cry, had me close to tears myself, while Who Wouldn’t Wanna be Me had me euphoric with joy. On more than one occasion he danced with his guitar—writhing with such an air of sensuality you could hardly blame a girl for feeling slightly turned on. Seriously, hot guy singing and playing guitar, can you really blame me?

On less fun note, tonight’s concert has been postponedm due to severe weather conditions currently wreaking havoc over most of Queensland. While we were delighting in Keith’s music and talent, cyclonic winds and rains were buffeting the state. Travelling down the coast over the past week, and continuing tomorrow, the storms have caused flash flooding, closed roads, and destroyed homes. Hundreds have been evacuated throughout the state, and many more are stranded.

Cheryl McDowell outside her Bundaberg home which, like so many others, is currently flooded. courtesy of Yahoo News.

My thoughts are with those affected—here’s hoping they are able to get back on their feet quickly, and able to experience the joy and excitement I and my fellow Keith Urban fans experiences last night.

Happy Australia Day

Today is Australia Day. Or in Australian, ‘Straya Day’. Typically, people would spend today out in the sun, BBQing, playing cricket, going to the beach, or enjoying a picnic. However, the weather this year is shitty and rainy, so I’m guessing most people will be cooped up inside, dreaming of sunny days instead.

My plans, on the other hand, haven’t been ruined one bit by the rain. I’m going to see this guy:

Image Courtesy of

That, for anyone who’s been living under a rock, is Keith Urban. Aussie, country singer, husband to Nicole Kidman, and pretty darn hot, if you ask me. OK, even if you don’t ask me.  Second row, centre is where I’ll be. Although, I’m sure we’ll end up bunching at the front of the stage, screaming like crazed schoolgirls.

I can’t think of a better, more country Australian way to spend my Aussie Day night. Well, except knocking back a few beers and eating a ‘snag’ with my mates. I’ll have to find a sausage sizzle somewhere…

What are you doing this Australia Day?

Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol. 15: Moxi

My mum hates Cabbage Patch Kids. I mean really hates them. I don’t know why, some strange aversion. Unfortunately, this aversion meant that I was never allowed a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was a kid, which only made me want one all the more. I begged and pleaded, I wrote to Santa, and I think I even tried the good old public tantrum once. No dice.

Maybe it was my desperate desire for a Cabbage Patch Kid, I’m not sure, but when I spotted the yellow-striped, slightly warn, Cabbage Patch Kids branded skates at a garage sale for six dollars I knew I needed them. I snatched them up, praying desperately that they’d be roughly my size—if they’d been too small I’m sure I would have crammed my toes into them anyway. The fit perfectly, as if they’d been moulded especially for my feet, and I took them home filled with joy.

Those skates, to my mother’s chagrin, were worn to death skating around the shelving in the machinery and parts store my father managed. I adored them almost as much as I adored skating.

While holidaying in Canada the year after I finished high school, my then-boyfriend and his brother talked me into buying a pair of roller blades. Not any blades though—‘the best blades in the world’, according to them—a pair of Bauer Roller Blades, which set me back almost two hundred dollars. I felt sooo cool…for about the first five minutes I had them on. Then I fell over. I’ve tried many times since then to love my ‘best blades in the world’, but there’s something less fun about them. Something less me. And I think it’s simply that the wheels are in the wrong configuration.

I love the clunkiness and support of roller skates. I love that the wheels don’t require you to do all the balancing work—important for someone with little-to-know coordination and balance. I love that, no matter how funky you try to make them, they still look like they belong to a by-gone era. And I love that they remind me of my childhood.

Pining for a pair of skates to call my own, I had a bit of a search on the good ol’ www, and squealed with joy when I found Moxi. Moxi is an American skate store, dedicated to (surprisingly enough) roller skates. They make a huge range of really cool Derby gear, but also have a small collection of the most delightful Lifestyle Roller Skates, for us non-hardcore kids.

I’m in love. And once you’ve seen their stuff, I reckon you will be too.

 Store: Moxi

Store Locations: Long Beach, California, and online

International Shipping: Unsure. But I’ve emailed them to find out, so watch this space!

Best Bits: Great selection of lifestyle and Derby skate for kids and adults, as well as a small range of accessories. Their skates come in great colours, and with a selection of pretty coloured wheels. Great images of each product, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and some good sizing advice, so you’re guaranteed the right size.

Dress Me Up - Moxi image

(Clockwise from left, all in US Dollars)

–       Moxi Lolly Floss Skates: $299.00

–       Rebel Derby Skate: $170.00

–       Antik MG2: $429.00

–       Moxi Ivy Jungle Skates: $179.00