Thematic: Blooming Linens

Ok people, what’s the deal? Why the boring white table linens at every wedding and party? Sure, they’re usually the cheapest standard option, because most venues have ample supplies, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best…or that you can’t find a better option yourself.

Here’s the deal: your average tablecloth costs about fifteen dollars to hire, which means for a wedding of eighty people you’re spending $150 just on tablecloths. Then you’ve got runners, napkins, and chair sashes and/or covers—most of which you can hire in run-of-the-mill shades to match your (yawn) white tablecloths. Rough estimate, you’re looking at close to $500 for a standard package.

OR…you could take that $500 to a nearby fabric store, find some pretty fabric that goes nicely with your theme, and get a seamstress—possibly a craft friend who would work for free—to whip you up ten tablecloths and matching runners and sashes. Unless you’re shelling out for silk (in which case you can probably afford the crazily-priced rentals), you’re probably unlikely to spend more than a couple hundred on materials, and you’ll immediately add some zing to the tables. Add the fact that you can garner some cash back post-wedding by selling your pretties on to another party-thrower, via eBay, and there’s really no reason not to, is there?

Oh, and don’t worry, just because you now have pretty table linens doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise them with lots of pretty things. Here are a couple of my absolute favourite non-white linen settings:

Bold, plain colour in a luxe fabric looks fantastic with extravagant centrepieces, and some gorgeous mix-matched crockery create a beautiful exotic tablescape. The feathered chair skirts add a lovely touch of fancy. This one, via Zsa Zsa Bellagio, was designed by Stephanie from Pretty Lovely Events.

Bright flowers spread along the tables add lovely pops of colour to this brilliantly bold black and white stripe tablecloth for an elegant look that’s far from boring. But of course, could you expect anything less for an affair featured in Martha Stewart Weddings?

I kept my favourite for last. The chair swathes have a slight can-can girl feel about them, while the feathered cloth creates an almost sea spray effect across the table. Finished with a clutter of simple flower-filled vases, this look—courtesy of Gypsy Purple Home—is perfect for a bohemian themed affair.




2 thoughts on “Thematic: Blooming Linens

  1. I agree, everything doesn’t have to be white. My daughter’s wedding was a work of art with turquoise, brown, hot pinks and oranges. It was such fun putting it together.

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