Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.13: Apple Betty

I got my ears pierced relatively late—I was twenty-one. I had never really had the urge to pierce them while at school, and even after that I accessorised with bangles and beads, never really missing ear jewellery. Then one day I spied a gorgeous pair of turquoise and silver earrings and decided I had to have them. I got my ears pierced that day and, since then, have collected a mass of earrings both classical and fantastical.

If you hang around me long enough, you’ll discover that my favourite styles definitely lean towards the fantastical. From teacups and popsicles to a lovely silver squirrel/acorn set, my collection is a veritable joy of the fun and cute. Many of my favourites have been gifts—like the lovely green wooden birds Wabi bought me from Germany a few years ago—which are always greeted with happy “oohs” from me.

Christmas this year my collection was added to with two lovely pairs of resin earrings given to me by KAO—an owl couple, who I’ve named Tottie and Alfred (yes, I name my earring-creatures), and a sweet set of kiwis I wear to brighten my dull work uniform. Both were made by a colleague of KAO’s, Apple Betty, who conveniently sells her wares on Facebook.

I’m in love with so many of her pretties and am dying to buy a stack more for myself and friends. If you, like me, love colourful jewellery and sweet animal accessories you absolutely must check this girl out—but, please, don’t blame me when you spend your next pay-check on jewellery.

Store: Apple Betty

Store Locations: Davies Park Markets in West End,  Brisbane, and via Facebook.

International Shipping: Not yet. For now she only sells locally, but her Facebook states she is hoping to sell online in the near future, which will hopefully mean international purchasing!

Best Bits: You mean aside from how cute you’ll look? All are hand-made by Apple Betty herself, while also holding down a full-time job, so you know she does it for the love of it. Styles and colours are always changing, and there always great new ranges. All her Facebook photos are great quality images, so what you see is genuinely what you get—no nasty surprises. Her prices are great, and most styles are available in a variety of items (brooches, necklaces, earrings).

Dress Me Up - Apple Betty

  1. Cookie Necklace
  2. Apple Earrings
  3. Dinosaur Brooches
  4. Orange Slice Bobby Pins
  5. Anchor Brooch
  6. Ladybug Earrings

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