My Thoughts this Day

Today marks the two year anniversary of the floods that ripped through Toowoomba and Grantham in 2010. Eerily, the heavens have opened again this evening, with severe electrical storms and violent winds hitting the area. But tonight, unlike two years ago, we have nothing really to fear—the events of 2010 are unlikely to be repeated again anytime soon.

Tonight, I wanted to mention all those who were affected by the floods, especially those in Grantham. Having lived so close to the little town when I was younger, and still visiting it regularly even now, I remember being overwhelmed by the devastation caused. Sadly, while many residents have been lucky enough to rebuild and move on, there are still those living out of sheds, trying to recover from the disaster. These are the people most in my thoughts. Driving through town there are still shells of houses, once homes, abandoned to time. My heart still breaks for their previous owners—alive or passed—and the horror they must have faced at the sight of the water rising.

Sadly, as we remember the victims of this water disaster, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the entire Eastern side of Australia are experiencing severe bushfires—New South Wales Alone has over 120 fires currently burning, at least twelve of which are uncontained.

Tasmania has been especially hard-hit, with the major blaze around Dunalley damaging or destroying 126 properties. Thousands are without a home to go back to, and many more have been stranded by the closure of highways, or simply the fires themselves.

It sort of comes with the territory—Australia is known as a land of extremes—but it doesn’t make it any better and certainly no easier to deal with the aftermath of such intense weather conditions. So tonight my thoughts are with them—all those remembering the day they faced a wall of water two years ago, and all those today dealing with the loss of their homes and businesses, or staring into the angry heart of a fire. My prayers are with those fighting the fires—that they stay safe and manage to control the blazes. And my heart goes out to all those who have lost memories, pets, and family from these and other natural disasters. May you find hope and peace in time.


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