Dress Me Up, Take Me Out. Vol.14: Paper Statement

I’m always on the lookout for funky new jewellery, both to expand my stupidly large collection, and to give as gifts to all the well-dressed ladies I know. I’m a big fan of anything upcycled or made from discarded items, and not just because I’m a bit of a hippie. I love the fact that re-imagined items have history—they come with a back story which is almost always really cool and interesting. I also love the fact that jewellery made from other bits and bobs is usually created by hand, so you know your piece is genuinely unique, even if it’s only because the maker screwed up a bead while attaching the earring stud.

My favourite jewellery find of late are inevitably discovered on Etsy, and this week’s Dress Me Up is no different. Dorisse of Paper Statement makes stunning jewellery, ornaments, and sculpture out of corrugated cardboards and paper, a great deal of which is crafted from old books. Her pieces are chunky, yet have a delicate quality about them, which I love.

Paper Statement Pieces range in price, and size, but all are handcrafted and made to pass Dorisse’s “family quality control” before being sold. And, if you’re keen to have a go at making paper jewels yourself, or simply can’t afford a ready-made necklace, Dorisse also sells her paper beads, ornament instructions, and accessories, so you can DIY.

Store: Paper Statement

Store Locations: Online, via Etsy

International Shipping: YES! Shipping costs vary based on items, see delivery info for details.

Best Bits: Handmade items from old books and corrugated card. Great selection of colours in each style and ability to request specifics (colour, size, etc.) after purchase. Ready-made and DIY items available. Made by an artist who truly enjoys her craft. Great quality images, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Dress Me Up - Paper Statement image

(Clockwise from left, all in Euro)

–       Statement Ring made of book pages and coloured papers: €120.00

–       Carta Statement Bracelet in black: €35.00

–       Ombre Necklace in emerald and Turquoise: €80.00

–       10pack Corrugated Card Beads in pink: €3.60


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