My Endless Love: SodaStream

I don’t particularly like sodas/soft drinks. They’re usually really sugary and overly-sweet, and leave you with a sugar-high that inevitably leads to a super low a half-hour later. While I hate flavoured soda, I absolutely love soda water and flavoured mineral waters. It’s the bubbles! I love bubbles—they add an extra zing to regular water which does nothing, except make me happy.

Late last year I realised I was getting through close to three bottles of soda water in a week, and my mum was drinking at least a bottle of lemonade as it got warmer. So, for Christmas, I begged my brother to buy me a SodaStream. I say ‘begged’ because I quite literally had to talk him into it—he thought it was “just another impractical toy”. Not after I got done! Sitting under my tree this year was a giant box containing my very own SodaStream and three low-sugar flavours: Summer Lemon, Ginger Beer, and Sugar Free Lemonade.

BEST GIFT EVER! Seriously. Since Christmas I think I’ve probably made at least thirty litres of soda of varying flavour. My parents are so in love with it I’ve already been informed it stays here when I move out. Yep, they’re claiming my Christmas Pressie. My brother, ever the pessimist, was surprised I was still using it when he came by on the weekend. But after I’d made him some fresh ginger beer he was singing a very different tune—he was caught investigating an early birthday present for himself today…his very own SodaStream.

Image via The Reel

So what’s so good about it? For those of you who have never used one, they are the absolute simplest gadget in the world—just fill the SodaStream bottle with chilled water, screw it firmly into place, and press the button until you hear it screech three times. Done! Unscrew, add your fav flavour, and enjoy. There’s no annoying power cord, because there’s no power needed.

The gas cylinder that ‘fizzes’ the water makes approximately one litre of soda for each litre of gas (so a 40L cylinder equates to 40L of soda), which means, you’re making 40L of soda for as little as forty cents a litre*, depending on your desired fizziness. That’s less than half the cost of the nasty generic brand soda waters you can buy. Add a flavour, and you’re still only spending a maximum of two dollars—and that’s for the gourmet flavours like Pink Grapefruit. Plus, you can mix your own flavours—this afternoon I whizzed some watermelon and added half a cup of juice to the straight soda water. YUM! And it didn’t cost me a cent.

Speaking of flavours, if you’re having a lazy day/week/month and just want quick-n-easy soda, the choices from SodaStream are pretty darn good. You can get all the regulars like cola and raspberry, but there’s also iced tea, mineral waters (like the Pink Grapefruit mentioned above), and sports drink options for the super-active. Best of all, the regular ranges are flavoured with real sugar (sucralose), not high fructose corn syrup. There’s even a collection of sugar free flavours—like my lemonade one—which taste just as good, if not better than, super-sugared regular soda drinks.

Okay, so you get it’s easy, healthier, and cheap, but it’s also eco-friendly. One of my pet hates with things like soda water is that you end up with a plastic bottle that gets thrown away. Sure, you can refill it with cold water if you want, but after a while you start to taste the plastic, and that can’t be good. Add to that the fact that, because of our location, we’re not provided with a recycling option by the local council, and you can understand the impact of my three-bottle-a-week soda water habit. Guess what? With the SodaStream I can make my soda water on the spot, and the BPA free bottle that comes with the machine can be reused for up to three years. Better for the environment, and no yucky plastic taste equals win/win for me.

Have I mentioned there are tonnes of cute machines and bottles? Well, there is. I was given the standard Jet machine because it’s the cheapest in our region, but I’m thinking my next one has to be the gorgeous Fizz—it’s so retro, I’m in love!—which has extra settings to monitor the remaining gas in the cylinder and let you adjust the fizz level of each new bottle.

SodaStream Fizz in red

You can also choose from a range of cute-patterned BPA free plastic bottles like this Night Spirit Combo Pack, or go all-out and get yourself some super-sexy glass carafes—they’re only useable in the more expensive machines, but there’s no reason you can’t buy them to store extra soda in, right?

So, enough ranting from me, I need a fizzy refreshment. Go out and get yourself a SodaStream, you won’t regret it. I promise.

*All costs are in Australian dollars, estimated based on current QLD prices for similar product. 

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