Less Head, More Ache…

This is how I looked this morning when I woke up:

Ok, so not nearly as cute. But I was totally peeking out of the covers, desperately hoping my head wouldn’t explode at the first sign of light.

I’ve spent the past two days huddled under my covers, fighting madly to get rid of The Worst Headache Ever. I kid you not. I’ve had a lot of headaches in my time and, normally, I can deal with them. Compared to migraines, which I get about once a month (lucky me), headaches are a walk in the park. This one though, knocked me for six.

Thus, I haven’t posted for the past two days. In fact, I’ve done pretty much nothing for the past 48 hours. But, today I awoke feeling splendid. So splendid, in fact, I cleaned out the entire pantry, and re-organised all the kitchen appliances. It took all day. Tomorrow I’m having brunch with two of my favourite ladies, and then spending the afternoon helping a neighbour bake caramel mudcake and chicken pot pie for his mum’s birthday. Then I’m going to come home and tell you all about it.

Now though, I’m going to read for a while, and enjoy being able to look at wonderful, brightly coloured artworks, like this:

“Addict” by Olaf

Happy Saturday!  


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