Art on Porcelain

Last week I shared Dorisse’s beautiful paper jewellery with you. While I was checking out her profile, I discovered she also hand-paints gorgeous designs on pottery, and filed her pottery store away to share with you another day.

Today is that day.

I love prettily patterned teacups and brightly coloured décor. I also love handmade everything, because they have a special touch to them that mass-produced, machine-made products don’t. Dorisse’s Art on Porcelain designs have all of this, and so much more. Her signature dot-patterned teacups are bright, fun, and simple, while still being sleek and stylish.

That’s all really. Great design, simple style, practical product. You should check them out, but here are my favourites to get you started:

Art on Porcelain image

Top to Bottom (all in Euro): Dots Espresso Cup and Saucer Set, €13.00; Red Poppies on Mug, €13.00; Dots Candleholder Set in dark brown and gold, €30.00.


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